The 'Everyday Life' opener tackles US gun control


Coldplay have shared a snippet of a new song from their upcoming double album ‘Everyday Life’ – listen below.

The Chris Martin-fronted band announced details of their “experimental” two-part record last month, previewing the project with the tracks ‘Orphans’ and ‘Arabesque’.

With the LP due to arrive on November 22, the band have now offered another glimpse of their ‘A Head Full Of Dreams‘ follow-up via Instagram.

“Here’s a preview of ‘Guns’ – the opening track on the ‘Sunset’ half of ‘Everyday Life’,” Coldplay captioned the post. On the cut, frontman Martin’s lyrics tackle the ongoing debate surrounding the US’ approach to gun control.

All the kids make pistols with their fingers and their thumbs/ Advertise a revolution/ Arm it when it comes,” he sings over a folk-inspired acoustic guitar part. Martin later adds: “The judgment of this court is/ We need more guns.”

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Here’s a preview of Guns – the opening track on the Sunset half of Everyday Life. Visual by @dianemartel_ PH

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The preview is accompanied by a black, white and red pistol target design by Diane Martel. It features the song’s title at the bottom of the artwork.

Coldplay, meanwhile, gave the tracks ‘Everyday Life’ and ‘Orphans’ their live debut during an appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. 

Last week, the band confirmed that they will be launching the ‘Everyday Life’ album with two performances in Jordan, where they’ll play the record in full. The special event is set to be live-streamed on YouTube. 

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