He starred as a Western actor in the Tarantino drama...


A deleted scene from Once Upon A Time in Hollywood has confirmed that the late Luke Perry originally had a bigger role in the movie.

The Riverdale star passed away in March after suffering a stroke at the age of 52. His role in the acclaimed Tarantino drama marked Perry’s final big screen appearance.

In a new deleted scene, it’s seemingly confirmed that Perry filmed more footage with Timothy Olyphant and young actress Julia Butters for Lancer – their fictional ’60s cowboy show which features in the film.

In the deleted footage, Perry and Olyphant’s characters, Wayne Maunder and James Stacy respectively, are seen shooting on the show’s set with Trudi, the child actor played by Butters.

“Now daddy won’t act like he did it first,” Trudi tells the pair. “He can be a bit of a mule head but no matter what he says he’s happy both of you came.”

“Yeah, we will see if he still feels that way after a little family reunion,” James then replies.

Wayne then shoots back: “You know, brother, that’s the first thing that you’ve said I agree with,” before James then replies: “Don’t call me brother, top hat.”

It comes after Perry’s death was referenced in the season four premiere of Riverdale earlier this month.

In a four star review of that episode, NME’s Hannah Mylrea wrote: “Moving away from the melodrama that usually permeates the narrative, ‘Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam’, was an understated affair (perhaps Riverdale’s most understated ever), focusing on the town’s reaction to Fred Andrews passing.

“It’s revealed that Fred Andrews was actually killed in a hit and run, after he’d pulled over to help a stranded driver whose car had broken down. The rest of the episode follows Archie and co. as they bring back Fred’s body from the neighboring county.”  

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