Catch a glimpse of Emma Watson as Belle.

After Disney brought Cinderella into the real world with a live action version of the film in 2015, it's now ready to give us a glimpse of Beauty and the Beast. The 90-second t clip doesn't really reveal how Disney has brought characters like Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts to life. However, it does give us a tour inside the Beast's castle. Filled with various dark corridors, lavish decor and the secret room that hides the magical rose, it brings us back into the fairy tale and makes us feel like kids again. And to tease fans more, the trailer gives us a quick look at Emma Watson, who will be portraying Belle in the film. Although we don't see her full face, you can't mistake the tenderness in her eyes.

You'll need to wait till March 17, 2017 to see the movie in theaters, but in the meantime, you can watch the teaser trailer below.  

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  1. gutter.glitter
    Jaimie Rain Oh so Disney tales are the next things hollywoods gonna bleed dry. Next they'll make a live action film of the Jungle Book....oh wait...
  2. Rose02080

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