Los Angeles finally had its first NXT show, and it was a big one.

Inside the world famous Hollywood Palladium, we witnessed one of the best live wrestling events in years — going back to the days of the Attitude Era.

NXT made its way to Los Angeles this past Sunday night, and we were there for the final night of the five-city California tour. "Finally!" Southern California fans yelled out in excitement as WWE’s most popular brand made its much anticipated debut in the City of Angels. Did NXT live up to the hype? “Oh Hell Yeah!” as Stone Cold Steve Austin would say. Superstars like Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe, Asuka and Bobby Roode — amongst many others — delivered exciting and memorable matches, as they fed off the palpable energy the LA crowd delivered all night.

Far different from any of the WWE main brand shows that usually fill up arenas like the Staples Center, this intimate venue felt special — like being invited to a hidden speakeasy. Instead of overpriced spirits and cocktails, what we found inside were dropkicks, clotheslines and a Kinshasa! From the chants that started outside in the lines, to the OMG moves delivered in the ring, the night was a “Glorious” spectacle.

Breaking everything down for you, here are the main highlights and moments that made an impression on us.

(Warning: Spoilers after the break!)

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