Post Malone ended 2019 by getting some fresh new ink for his ongoing collection of tattoos.

Hours before taking the stage for a live New Year’s Eve performance in New York City’s Times Square on Tuesday, the “Circles” singer, 24, shared a photo to Instagram of his latest tat — a medieval gauntlet holding a flail, placed on the right side of his face along his jawline and down to his chin.

“Have a good ass new year💕🙈” Malone captioned the photo, snapped in his hotel room bathroom.

Tattoo artist Kyle Hediger did the intricate art piece, posting an up-close look at Malone’s face afterwards to his own Instagram account.

“Last tattoo of 2019,” Hediger wrote. “Gauntlet on the baby boy @postmalone. Love you. 2020 is going to be next level.”

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have a good ass new year????????

A post shared by @ postmalone on Dec 31, 2019 at 10:54am PST

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Last tattoo of 2019. Gauntlet on the baby boy @postmalone love u. 2020 is going to be next level. Love you all ????

A post shared by Kyle Hediger (@kylehedigertattoo) on Dec 31, 2019 at 11:41am PST

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Malone performed two songs during the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2020 telecast.

Standing on a stage in the middle of the New Year’s Eve action, the Syracuse, New York native started the party with “Circles” before transitioning into one of his biggest hits, “Congratulations.”

For both numbers, Malone looked festive, wearing a shiny purple suit with sparkling embellishments all over it.

I dare you to do something” big in 2020!” he told the crowd.

Other performance on the show included Korean boy band BTS, country star Sam Hunt, and singer/songerwriter Alanis Morissette, who sang her biggest hit — “You Oughta Know” — with the cast of her Broadway’s musical, Jagged Little Pill.

Performing on the broadcast was a bit of a full-circle moment for Malone. Last year, minutes after the ball dropped on 2019, Malone appeared on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest for the show’s first live performance of the new year — singing “Better Now” from the Barclays Center, miles away in Brooklyn.

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Post Malone Post Malone

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2019 ended up being a big year for Malone.

His song “Sunflower” (featuring Swae Lee) not only topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts, but it went on to earn him two 2020 Grammy nomination for record of the year and best duo/group performance.

His third studio album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, dropped in September, landing at No. 1 on the the Billboard 200.

Among the other accolades Malone racked up during the year? A spot atop Spotify’s list of most-streamed artists of the year, with with over 6.5 billion streams worldwide. That marked the rapper’s first time on the streaming service’s “Wrapped” list.

As for those tattoos, well, Malone has Justin Bieber to thank for that.

Back in 2018, Malone recalled during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that Bieber actually inspired him to get his first tattoo, despite his fear to get inked.

“We were working on Stoney, and then we had a tattoo artist come through, and I was like, ‘You know what? Justin Bieber’s got some tats, and I love you, but I know I’m way tougher than you,’ ” Malone said. “And then I got one, it’s a pretty s—ty tattoo. It’s a Playboy bunny tattoo. It was my first tattoo, I don’t know why.”

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