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Suicide Squad director David Ayer has shared a never seen before photo of stars Jared Leto and Margot Robbie on set for the 2016 film.

The new photo has seen fans of the film begging Warner Bros. to “release the Ayer Cut”, hoping for a new director’s version of the movie.

Ayer’s new photo sees Leto and Robbie in make-up for the film, and fans believe that he’s deliberately showing them how much more he had planned for the two characters. See the photo below.

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More make-up and wardrobe tests. @jaredleto @margotrobbie #joker

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The ‘release the Ayer Cut’ noise stems from the virality of the ‘Snyder Cut’ – hoping for a director’s cut of Justice League from Zack Snyder – which was launched on the film’s second anniversary last week (November 17).

Jared Leto was replaced as The Joker by Joaquin Phoenix, who played the titular role in this year’s record-breaking Joker.

There has been a lot of speculation over whether Leto will ever appear as The Joker again, after he was nowhere to be seen in the recent Birds of Prey trailer, which was spearheaded by Margot Robbie’s grinning psychopath Harley Quinn. 

In an NME review of 2019’s Joker, Greg Wetherall called the film “a melancholic psychodrama punctuated by splashes of shocking violence.”

The post 'Suicide Squad': David Ayer shares new Joker and Harley Quinn photos, prompting 'Release the Ayer Cut' campaign appeared first on NME.

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