Crank up the Thriller and hold onto your Eggos.

Although the third season of Stranger Things isn’t returning to Netflix until next summer (sob), fans can get their fix in a scream-worthy new way.

For the first time, Universal Studios is featuring a Stranger Things haunted house in its annual Halloween Horror Nights lineup — and it does not disappoint.

On Wednesday, Universal Orlando Resort revealed six new images from inside the house, which boasts painstakingly recreated scenes from the wildly popular sci-fi series.

From perfect period details (here’s looking at you, Jaws poster and crocheted sofa blanket) to the series’ signature Christmas lights, visitors will be immersed in the 1980s suburban world of Stranger Things and its chilling alternate dimensions and government conspiracies.

Of course, the Upside Down also features prominently in the house, with one scene taking place in the Hawkins National Laboratory in all its cobwebbed creepiness.

Other scenes include Will’s bedroom (um, watch out for the GAPING DEMIGORGON PORTAL), the Byers’ living room, Will’s makeshift fort and the fluorescent-lit halls of Hawkins Middle School. (Go Cubs!)

Halloween Horror Nights kicks off September 14 in Orlando and Hollywood. In addition to Stranger Things, the parks will also feature pop-culture inspired Poltergeist and Halloween 4 houses.

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