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Video footage has captured the moment that Beyonce was forced to climb down a ladder, after becoming stranded on stage during a show in Poland.

As the ‘OTR II’ tour hit Warsaw on Saturday, fans watched on as the “flying stage” suddenly stopped during a rendition of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’.

But while Jay-Z offered a steady hand as the stage ground to a sudden halt, it soon transpired that there was only one way down.

Footage captured by fans shows Beyonce climbing down a ladder as the end credits for the show rolled – with the crowd offering huge encouragement.

Although it isn’t clear how the stage became initially stuck, Beyonce was seen giving a final farewell to fans after safely making her exit from the film.

Last month, NME attended the first show of the ‘OTR II’ tour in Cardiff – hailing it as a “stadium spectacle aimed at proving that love conquers all”.

“There’s a huge variety throughout the powerful setlist, whether it’s the unbridled might of Beyonce’s ‘Flawless’, a rousing feminist call-to-arms, or a stadium-stunning rendition of ‘Resentment’, Beyonce’s strongest vocal moment of the entire evening”, our verdict stated.

“Jay-Z , equally, is on top of his game throughout the show – blending the crowd-pleasing indulgence of ’99 problems’ with the political fury of newer cuts including ‘The Story of O.J’. 

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