Horror movie composer turned alt-popstar walks us through dreamland.

Writing a song can be a similar experience to making a movie, or at least a short film. You’re there to tell a story in the most captivating way possible, and if you’re good, the listener will be transferred into a new world: the one you've created. Canadian singer-songwriter Steph Copeland is more than capable to pull it off. She is an accomplished horror movie composer after all.

See, Copeland’s mostly known for scoring countless thrillers and horror films, including critically acclaimed Antisocial. Now the Toronto-based musician is ready to present her own music, which can easily serve as a soundtrack for one of her projects. Today we’re exclusively premiering the music video for the hauntingly beautiful single “Nadia,” which was shot in Sitges, Spain. Fans of Lana Del Rey and Bat For Lashes, it's a roll call!

Watch the video for "Nadia" below.

 “It was great to film 'Nadia' since I wrote the song when I was 16 and the video completely encapsulates the vision I had for that song as a teenager," Copeland says about the video. "'Nadia' is a bit haunted and I think the streets of Sitges, Spain are the perfect backdrop for her story."


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