Currently on tour with House of Pain, DJ Lethal discusses two huge anniversaries & Limp Bizkit’s set at Woodstock ’99.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of House of Pain’s “Jump Around” & 20th anniversary of Limp Bizkit’s Three Dollar Bill Y’all. Each can be considered a career milestone for DJ Lethal, the man behind the turntables for both groups.

Since escaping Latvia as a child — eventually returning to discover his roots — the DJ's toured with the biggest names in both hip-hop and rock, and, of course, there was Limp Bizkit’s much talked about set at Woodstock ’99.

During a recent day off while on his current tour with House of Pain, DJ Lethal sat down with Myspace to discuss his musical anniversaries, return trips to Latvia and the night Woodstock burned. Hop to the next page to read the full interview.

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