These young artists pay homage to a family tradition.

A tradition long upheld by country singers is family. After all, longing for home is more about the people than the property, and memories of simpler times have as much to do with visits to Grandma's house as whoever was in the White House.

Remembering childhood and tipping their hats to country's past is one and the same for these eight artists, as each one has at least one parent that achieved stardom. Whether they're the spitting image of their parent, like Charlie Pride's son Dion, or they are blazing their own path, such as the daughters of Vince Gill and Lee Ann Womack, each of these artists won the gene pool lottery when it comes to inheriting a legend's musical talent.

Ashley Campbell

Glen Campbell’s touring show was a family affair for decades. His oldest daughter Debby sang with him on stage for 24 years, and his three youngest children, Cal, Shannon and Ashley, backed their dad for his final shows before his ongoing battle with Alzheimer’s ended his career. Since then, Ashley has used her talents as a vocalist and banjo picker, and lessons learned from her famous father, to further her surname’s legacy. For a small sampling of Ashley Campbell’s immense promise, check out her 2015 tribute to her ailing father, “Remembering.”


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