These two are putting extra meaning to the term “joint effort.”


They Met at Berklee

If any aspiring musician is listening, then here’s a tip for you: do not quit school, ‘cause the music partner of your dreams may be sitting right next to you. Kenny and Ryan met at Berklee College of Music in Boston and couldn’t deny their creative chemistry. “Ryan was a piano major, I was a guitar major,” Kenny recalls. “We actually met on my first day there. I was looking for some weed and Ryan was sitting on the local pot dealer’s footsteps." Of course he was.

“The first time we hanged out, we went to Ryan’s house, smoked and listened to some records. I was blown away by his ability to know all the words to all these songs. I had no idea they had it in California. We knew all the same shit!”

But it’s not like their teachers at Berklee were all that supportive. “They were supper odd about our music. And we didn’t go there to learn what we’re doing now. Not sure they want to show us as their alumni, but they did start incorporating electronic music into their curriculum, which is cool.”


They Advise You to Be Creative

“The best thing we learned at school was more sociological rather than academic,” Ryan explains. “We wanted to create our own music. Playing your instrument is great, but you have to learn how to make your own music. Out of all the great musicians I know there are maybe one or two successfully playing their instrument. And then there’s Charlie Puth. He went to Berklee, too.”

Kenny adds, “Your network is your net worth. I knew I had to reach out to all the people I knew. And a lot of other kids were just making music and not thinking about pushing it forward.”

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