The new Brad Bird film is coming in 2018


On its release in 2004, the Pixar animation The Incredibles won the hearts of all ’90s kids with its fun superhero schtick, weighty family dynamics, and awesomely brassy Michael Giacchino soundtrack. The long-gestating sequel is released in 2018: here’s everything there is to know about it, from trailers and cast updates to everything we know about the plot.

What is the release date for The Incredibles 2?

15 June 2018. 

That’s just over six months from now.

Have we had a trailer yet?

Yes – two so far. One was released recently, on November 18. As the first teaser trailer, it shows Bob Parr shouting with joy to his youngest child, Jack-Jack: “You have powers – yeah, baby!” Then Jack-Jack speeds through three of his powers: turning into a fireball, emitting electric shocks, and using laser-vision, which slices Bob’s hair right down the middle.

The other trailer was released earlier in the year, and it was styled as a short documentary-style sketch piece following the fashion career of the fictional designer of superhero costumes, Edna Mode. The clip featured cameos from famous models and figureheads such as Kendall Jenner, Nina Garcia, Rachel Zoe, and Zac Posen.

A work-in-progress trailer was shown at Disney’s D23, but has yet to make its way online. Reported descriptions from those at the conference say the teaser clip follows baby Jack-Jack’s fight with a raccoon, and ends with stay-at-home dad Mr Incredible realizing his son has powers.

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Will Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack be grown up in the new film?


13 years may have passed since the original film, but it’s been confirmed that we’re sticking with the timeframe of 2004’s movie for now.

So what’s the plot?

According to John Lasseter, Pixar’s chief creative officer, the film will begin “a minute” after the events of the first film – when The Incredibles encountered an as-yet unseen villain called The Underminer. “It starts with the Underminer and a big old set piece,” he said. “You know that at the end of the first movie when he comes up and you see the family dressed as superheroes? Well that’s where start this movie.”

Following this set piece, the sequel will reportedly revolve around Elastigirl – aka Mrs. Incredible – as she heads off on her own adventure. It’ll also track Mr. Incredible as he attempts to look after Jack-Jack, whose superpowers are developing rapidly.

Who’s the villain going to be?

There is no official statement on who the villain of this movie is going to be, but there’s been plenty of speculation.

As explained above, The Underminer will definitely appear at the start of the film – he’s the mole-looking villain shown during the closing scene of the original movie.

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Some fans are hoping for the return of Syndrome, while others have more in-depth theories that the villain will be linked in some way to Gazerbeam – one of the heroes killed during Syndrome’s robot testing in The Incredibles.

However, Brad Bird has been quoted as saying that the film will feature a “fresh super villain”.

Who’s joining the cast?

A couple of new cast members have been announced, though we don’t yet know their parts. They are Bob Odenkirk (best known as Breaking Bad‘s Saul Goodman) and Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich, Get Out).

Most of the film’s original cast will be returning – including Samuel L. Jackson, to reprise his role of Frozone.

Dash’s original voice actor is now too old for the part – the sequel is set to take place immediately after the first movie, but with the film’s voice parts being recorded over a decade on, the original actor Spencer Fox is no longer has the voice to suit a six-year-old. Huck Milner will fill the role. Everyone else returning from the first film will be played by the same voice actors.

We’ll update this page with any new cast announcements as they come in.

Who wrote the script?

Brad Bird, writer and director of the original film – so you know it’s gonna be quality.

Is there a poster?


It’s very elegant:

The Incredibles 2 poster

The Incredibles 2 poster

What are the cast and crew saying about The Incredibles 2?

Brad Bird has revealed the Parr family will now live in a new house – “a cross between a dream house and a super lair.”

In a recap clip from Disney D23 (below), Craig T. Nelson (Mr Incredible) says “Brad has done such a good job on the story – I think it’s gonna be great”.

Pixar exec John Lasseter has said: “One of the unique things about the Incredibles is it’s really a story of a family set in the world of superheroes. This one carries on that theme… We love to look at our own lives and look at what’s going on, and find themes that we know will resonate with the audience.”

Will there be an Incredibles 3?

Currently, there are no plans for an Incredibles 3, as the Disney Animation Studios president, Jim Morris, announced that “everything after Toy Story and The Incredibles is an original right now”. The studios have 4 movies planned for release after 2020, meaning an Incredibles 3 is not likely to be in the works – and if it is, it will not be released in the foreseeable future.

Words: Leon Mowat & Larry Bartleet

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