This week Hail to the Chief got replaced by an R. Kelly Parody.

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This week, we're exhausting our list of urination puns and going completely zen with YouTube videos.


R. Kelly-Anne Conway

Recommended Pairing:
Hard Lemonade to wash down a word salad with Russian dressing.

(Quick note: If you want to skip over the political stuff, the next page is about getting stoned and watching grown men build miniatures on YouTube.)

Throughout 2016, each week was marred by some political scandal, some new #unpresidented kerfuffle on the campaign trail that left most Americans completely turned off by American politics. Two historically disliked candidates battling around in the muck didn't exactly inspire the nation to vote, more than anything it likely inspired people to never want to vote again.

Now it's 2017 and shit is off the rails.

Carl Bernstein, of DeepThroat fame (not that deep throat, you sickos) and the folks at CNN reported that during the recent intelligence briefings between both President Obama and President-Elect Trump, they had sources confirming that there was a dossier of 35 memos with collected intelligence that potentially implicated Donald Trump and members of his team to Russian collusion. 

Naturally, everyone was going to stop, collect their thoughts, and then start demanding real answers to some tough questions right? #WRONG

Of course we didn't do that. Our nation did what it does best. The internet got it's hands on the supposed documents and went absolutely Harambe-level bananas about one insanely lurid point. Not the communication between Russian officials and members of his campaign staff. Nope, details of prostitutes with the PEOTUS in a scene rumored to have played out in a Moscow hotel room.

What a shit show right?
Nope. Piss show. Literally.

In reference to the "leaks" from Buzzfeed one of the trending topics on Twitter was #GoldenShowers in direct reference to the guy standing on deck to be the Commander in Chief.

So instead of pouring over the documents and meticulously grinding out fact from fiction, everyone lost their collective minds and locked onto the one thing that made it easy for Mr. Trump to scream/tweet "FAKE NEWS."

Here's a clip of our President-elect dismissing a CNN reporter before calling on a staff writer at Breitbart.

Here's the thing. Regardless of your political leanings, we gotta come together as a nation and decide once and for all that we understand the difference between fake news, reporting something as unsubstantiated but newsworthy, and fully sourced and vetted news.

Let's take emotion out of it and look from a distance:

CNN reported that The President and President-elect were briefed on memos containing information that, if proven true, could have far-reaching implications, possibly up to treason.

Breitbart is famous for stories like #pizzagate. Real honest to god fake news.

So what led us to the post-fact world?

How is it possible to have such a blurred line between what is a credible news source, and what is deliberate misinformation?

Look no further than the master of the pivot, Kellyanne Conway.

She's a genius. I'm serious. Her ability to talk over, around, through any question she doesn't want to answer is just short of a superpower. She can get even the most prepared reporter all flustered and caught up in the rhetoric without ever having her to answer a question straight on.

She's that superstar player from your team's rival that you hate. The one that mops the floor with your guys and after every game you secretly wish she was on your team.

At this point I just want something, anything to come out that we can all agree is true.

I'm not sure where this story goes next, but I'm actually excited to see how she spins it.

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