One of the top DJs in the world talks about trashing planes and lusting over Ariana Grande.

28-year-old Dutch house sensation Hardwell may not occupy the No. 1 spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 anymore — he sits at #3 at this year’s poll — but he still had a very busy 2016, touring the world, releasing new music and even launching his own backpack designed specifically for DJs in collaboration with brand BALR. No wonder one of his biggest hits of 2016 was called “Run Wild” — the DJing powerhouse was all over the place. But we still managed to ask him 20 questions while meeting him during Amsterdam Dance Event.

Best Moment of 2016: That’s a hard one! I think the biggest one was the closing of my world tour I Am Hardwell Wolrd Tour.

2016 Moment You Wish You'd Rather Forget: The break-up with my girlfriend.

Best Gig of 2016: The closing show of I Am Hardwell Wolrd Tour in Germany.

2016 Show You Wish You Could Do Over and Get Right: I liked the closing of my Urshai Ibiza residency so much because it was so many friends and family there, that I wanted to do it over. Just because I’d love to invite more friends.

Best Show You Saw in 2016: Tiesto’s gig at Ultra Festival in Miami.

Best Remix or a Track of 2016: I would say Drake’s “One Dance.”

The Track You Couldn't Stop DJing in 2016: My track “Run Wild” with Jack Reese.

Craziest Thing You Did on a Plane in 2016: Me and friends partied so hard on our way to Ibiza that we ended up with a bill for over 1,000 euro for cleaning. Everything was such a mess. We turned the jet into a nightclub.

The 2016 Film That You'd Watch Over and Over: I haven’t seen anything really this year. I’ve just spoken to my friends about it: I haven’t been to a cinema this year. I’ve been very busy.

The 2016 Movie That You Wish You Just Saw on Netflix Instead: I do wanna see this horror movie about burglars getting inside a blind guy’s house called Don’t Breath. I definitely wanna see it.

TV Show You Binge-Watched Most on the Road in 2016: The series I watched this year that definitely changed my life was Suits. And of course the second season of Narcos.

Best TV Show of 2016: For me it was Suits. I know it didn’t start in 2016, but it’s still going on.

Best Music Video of 2016: Definitely Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side.” I love this video! I didn’t try cycling myself. I was just watching Ariana.

Most Awkward Touring Experience of 2016: Missing my flight. Missing a flight and having to cancel a show might be the worst thing in the world.

Go-to Meal While On the Road: Sushi, definitely. It’s good when you’re trying to stay healthy but still want something tasty.

Dutch Artist We Should Have on Our Radar In 2016: It’s a Dutch band called Broederliefde. They’re very huge in Holland and I think they’re ready to conquer the world. Even though they’re singing in Dutch.

Best Fan Gift You Received In 2016: I got a new a collar for my dog. Any gift for my dog is always the best!

Plans For 2017: Continue what I’m doing right now. I love touring and having fun on the road. Making a lot of new music. I’m taking the whole month of January off to make new music. And a lot of festivals!

One Thing on Your 2017 Wish List: I have a two-week-long vacation with my friends, and I haven’t had any vacation in the last four years. I’m going to Curacao, the Dutch Caribbean.

What Do You Want to See/Happen in 2017 That Doesn't Have to do With Your Music: I hope in 2017 America will be still alive and with a good president [the interview was conducted in October].


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