The bohemian PaganFolk band "OMNIA" revolves around the many varied compositions, stories and musical abilities of Jenny and Steve Sic Evans van der Harten.
Together with their band consisting of the crazy Didgeman Daphyd Crow (slideridoo, vocals and percussion), Rob van Barschot (drums and percussion) and assisted by their amazing live-crew, they tour throughout Europe and beyond.

OMNIA brings a musical message of respect for nature, personal liberty and freedom of thought and expression for all. In the words of Steve Sic (the one and only Pope of Paganism): “Nothing is sacred, only nature!”

They fill their amazing live performances to the brim with brilliant and diverse music, satirical humour, visual richness and a very singular anarchist approach to ancient European religion and musical tradition, combined with modern pagan spirituality. In this way they have captivated the hearts and minds of audiences of all ages and musical preferences and world views, giving them a very wide and varied worldwide fanbase.

OMNIA is completely self-managed by Jenny and Steve Sic as an independent and free-spirited cult-underground band which has survived and prospered below the radar of the harsh "regular" music business; writing their own material and recording, producing and printing cd's and dvd's on their independent label "Pagan Scum Records".

The band consists of;


Steve Sic was raised in Cornwall, Holland, Germany and the U.S.A because he was born to parents who liked to travel a lot. Later he himself bummed around various places including some of the dirtier cities of Northern Europe (Paris,West-Berlin, London, Antwerp etc) and now lives in Holland, where the laws on personal freedom are slightly less fascist and ridiculous then in the rest of the world. From the age of 15 Sic has been an off the wall Gothic-Punk Artist, musician, eco-anarchist, occultist and freedom fighter.

He started writing and performing obscure Ancient and Pagan music in 1995, working mainly on reconstructing early primitive and Celtic Iron Age music, seeking to rediscover the musical roots of Northern Europe. During this process he found(ed) Omnia in 1996. He taught himself to play all his chosen instruments which now include: Irish low whistle, Neo-celtic double flutes, Seljefloit, Kaval, Shawm, Bodhrán,Dombek, Darabuka, Davúl, Cajon, Dombek, Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, and a thousand prehistoric ethnic instruments. Jenny taught him how to play the harp...

He loves all the birds, animals and plants on this miraculous living planet , he hates most members of the genus "homo sapiens sapiens" and he spends most of his time loving and worshipping his wife Jenny and ignoring the other naked monkeys.


Jenny's life has always been defined by music. As far as she can remember, playing, listening and dancing were always her greatest passions. From the age of 5, when she begged her always supportive and harp-playing mum to have piano lessons, to her late teens when she discovered the neo-Celtic Harp a very portable alternative to a piano, and Irish, Scottish and Breton folk music in general, to this day, living for and from the music of Omnia, music is her life and she would die without it.

In 2003, while on a music festival (dancing for her friends of the great folkband Shantalla), she met a very interesting man in Iron Age Celtic clothes and woad on his face. This man swept her of her feet and she decided to spend the rest of her life with him. Seeing as he was the leader of a small group of 'Gallo-Roman re-enactors-gone-musicians' named OMNIA, the next obvious step was to join them. She threw a lot of harp, bodhrán and folk influences into their more authentic Gallo-Roman repertoire and the now typical enormously varied sound of OMNIA was born.

Jenny sees every day as a chance to learn or create something new. Her mastered instruments now include the neo-Celtic Harp, Bodhrán, hurdy-gurdy, hammered dulcimer and, since 2009, the piano is back, introducing a new spectre of sound and emotion to the audiences.

Jenny's plans for the future are learning more, creating more, a house in the forest with Steve Sic and staying a free spirit and out-of-the box-thinking weirdo. And possibly getting a puppy.

Information for (aspiring) musicians: Jenny plays a Neo-Celtic (custom) Triplett Harp and Dusty strings Hammered Dulcimer both from Dreamharps, a Yamaha CP5 Stage Piano, a Helmut Gotschy electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy "Abraxas" and a David Roman Pneumatic Bodhrán.


Daphyd Sens was born in Geldrop, the Netherlands, in 1988. He grew up in Mierlo, a small village near Eindhoven.

In his early days he loved to playing with fire and

climbed trees like a monkey. Most of the time he could be found hanging out in the forest with his friends, drinking beers and smoking sweet recreational Dutch herbs. At a certain point he quit school (something very common for OMNIA members), he picked up some instruments and messed around.

Daphyd first heard Omnia somewhere around 2002, falling in love with the earth sounds of the Didgeridoo and the Pagan lifestyle of the band. He took up the name "Crow of War" (after the OMNIA song Morrigan), bought himself a cheap didgeridoo and learned how to play it. Not being satisfied with the standard Didges available he decided to build his own slide didgeridoos out of PVC (with which he impressed the Hell out of Steve Sic and Luka when he joined one of their pre-historic instruments workshops in 2004). And then moved on to the "didgeribone" (made by the famous didge-god Charlie McMahon). But it wasn’t until 2010 that he started taking himself more seriously as a musician, picking up more instruments like flutes and mouth harp on the way.

His first stage experience was with the crazy South African rapper, Jack Parow. Since then he's proudly rocked the stages of Holland and Belgium (Lowlands, Pukkelpup, Melkweg and many more) as a guest player on his Didges. It came to pass that in a bleak December 2010 he found out that OMNIA's didge-player had suddenly left. He knew what he had to do, and contacted Stenny immediately. Jam sessions were arranged, music was made, joints were smoked, jokes were shared... Daphyd the Crow was able to play every single Omnia song ever written better than they'd ever heard, so he joined the band! He played his first gig (Fairyball IV) with OMNIA in March 2011, he rocked the stage with his presence and won the hearts of the crowd ... and that was just the start!


Rob was born on the 12th of February, 1982, inEindhoven (NL). His first music experience came at the age of 9 when he started taking drum

lessons and joined the drumline of “Harmonie Juliana”. At the age of 13, he started playing in punk / rock / metal bands using the music as a way to express himself and to let go of negative energy. It became clear to himself and his environment that music was the way to go for Rob. After trying some different styles (mostly funk / hiphop / pop music)he decided to go to the “Brabant conservatory of music”.

In the following years he got interested in latin, fusion and afro music and after finishing this school, he had big plans for the future..........but then..........

Daphyd calls....

“Hey Rob, I’m in a bohemian-pagan-celtic-fantasy-mittelalter-gothic-folk band, and we need a drummer for the summer, wanna play?”

After Rob decided to give it a try, he met the other free spirits of OMNIA and they rehearsed a couple of times.

One of these rehearsals was at Rob’s own practice palace in his home in Eindhoven, were Steve saw strange artwork hanging on the walls. Apparently, Rob makes art out of old drum skins and cymbals, and Steve saw runes in the signs Rob uses in his art.

Steve decided to awaken the inner Celt that was living inside Rob, and since then it felt like Rob was going to stay longer than just the summer....

As Rob states it: “I hope to incorporate some of my afro and latin american ideas into OMNIA, and to spread just as much love as my role model Michael Franti.”

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