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  • New in the WEBSHOP!!!
    Yes folks! Get your new special OMNIA "Ivy Leaf" merchandise!
    We have a whole new series of merchandise in our shop based around one of our holy symbols... namely:
    the Ivy Leaf (Hedera Helix) , which to us is a very powerfull symbol because it is a fast growing and extremely strong ever-green plant which can engulf and reclaim for nature, any structure built by humans... (that's why Stenny has them tattood on their bodies)
    The wide bracer, elegant wristband and Nipple piercing*** are now available in our online webshop
    (more will be added soon...)
    Greenz and Leavezzz!
    *** frontman nipple NOT included

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  • We like pretty thingz! And we like sponsoring creative people! so we will be adding more HANDMADE exclusive merchandise to our webshop and live-merchandise stand in the coming weeks.
    Like these trés chique leather and metal bracelets from "Made in the Attic" art productions in holland.
    The prices for the more exclusive pieces like these delicate wrist decorations will be very high compared to the "normal" band merchandise that you are used to.
    (around €75,-)
    But that is because each one is cut and soldered by hand from sheet metal and then fixed onto hand-stitched leather. (which is all very time consuming work)
    and they are all made in limited amounts and numbered by the artists themselves.
    we will have just a few of these bracelets as well as two different types of exclusive necklaces also by "made in the Attic" with us at our merchandise stand when we play the MPS in Luhmühlen on the 18th of april
    Check it out!
    Greenthingz and See you there!

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  • A good day to Die...
    In the winter forest, everything makes more sense
    Life becomes uncomplicated away from monkey nonsense
    The questions become more ...What? instead of ...Why? friends ... Today is truly a good day to Die!
    Winter is here!
    Shaman SteveSic
    ps: Die? ... did I say Die? ... ofcourse I meant Dye!
    because It's henna time! ;-)

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  • Well... we're back home again
    almost 3000 kilometres of roads in 6 days
    that was our first (but definately not last) trip to Poland
    we're all feeling a little rough
    but we is again home
    time for a shave...and sleep till friday when we climb back into the vans again!
    pic by Sic

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  • Fuck yeah!
    Today we played, tomorrow we go and meet all the fans!!
    Meet and greet 15:00 hours at the OMNIA stand, main stage area.
    Where we will sign your CD's, Bags, Boobs, Shoes, dogs, whatever...
    Goodnight, .. now we sleep!
    Pic by, Tom Bombadil

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  • I have one of those rare moments that I am really glad that we are NOT playing any OMNIA gigs this weekend... You see, it would be impossible for me to play right now because I had a little accident yesterday involving an argument between a very heavy door and my finger... accompanied by a sort of wet-crunchy squelchy sound... followed by some quite strong language from me (I think the term would rhyme with "Clucking Bell!!")
    So now I have a very bruised and traumatised finger... (it's not broken, but it's swollen and hurts like F*CK!) so I can't play the flutes or my bouzouki right now...
    and I'm typing this with one hand...
    It seems such a little thing, but it reminds me of just How delicate we FREE Musicians are... how thin the line between "performing Artist" and "broken toy" , just a little stupid accident can prevent us from "working" and if we can't play anymore, we starve...
    because OMNIA has CHOSEN to be one of the last independant self-managed self-produced professional bands in the world who live solely from our own ART without sucking up to the big multinational mega-corporate label-mafia, it means we have NO steady wage packet, NO pension plan, NO job-insurance , NO extra lives ,NO bonus levels and NO back-ups ...
    We really are free as the wind, so we can do whatever we want, whenever we want! and we live by what the day brings us (like our friends the wyld birds and animals and our forefathers the hunters and the gatherers)
    ...we simply "do our thing" while trading Art , Musick and philosophy for food and shelter...
    Our Artistick skills feed YOUR mind and the concert tickets, Cd's and Merchandise that YOU buy from us feed our bellies...
    but only for as long as we can still play... ummm...
    My finger will heal, it's no big deal... it throbs a bit and has funny colours but it is hardly classifiable as a "wound" (I used to be a Sword fighter and Fire-Artist... now THERE are a couple of jobs that can make some icky wounds!!) this is nothing...
    It will heal (this time)
    But it does remind me of the fact that everything in life has a limit... and OMNIA's limits are dictated solely by the strength in our own bodies and our own minds.
    Jenny and I will do our utmost best to avoid having more bodyparts crushed in pointless accidents so that we can enjoy living this life TOGETHER WITH YOU for as long as possible...
    "I'll stand strong while YOU stand beside me , take my hand and we'll dance untill we die!! (just make sure it's not the painfull one! ;-)
    Untill we meet again my dearies... I leave you with yet more of Sic's silly philosophy on this beautifull wet rainy delicious sunday without a concert to play ...
    XXX, Greenthingz and Ouch!
    Shaman SteveSic (picture by Jenny)
    ps: Thanks for all your likes and positive comments on the web!
    I don't really like or agree with FaceBook and all this Google-fucked moneymaking internet rubbish...
    (That's why I don't have a personal FB page/Twitter account etc.)
    BUT I must say that meeting people like YOU on our humble little OMNIA pages here makes it all worthwhile! ... thanx for making this human world less lonely! :-)

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