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  1. collision_spectrum
    Collision Spectrum This song inspired our soon to be released single. Brilliant...
  2. dontheorist
    Dontheorist DEW #spiritoftruth sorry will.... your snapper comment the other day did my head in for a second
  3. dontheorist
    Dontheorist DEW #spiritoftruth what was it.... one more snap and i'll be stood next to you and your google provided mobile phone....????
  4. shinecory
    Beautiful Zion Shine My brother shared this song with me...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I am standing strong in the LORD and the POWER of HIS MIGHT! I am more than a conquer in CHRIST JESUS...TRIUMPHING in ADVANCING the KINGDOM of GOD....oh yes... a PREACHER sent of GOD! I AM ... love this song it... and I AM sent me...SHINECORY!!! HALLELUJAH!!! I AM the best....a CHAMPION of FAITH!!!
  5. anna_Deathwish
    annastasia garcia This song opened my eyes, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!
  6. dontheorist
  7. klaudia.baader
    Klaudia Baader Eternal song!!!
  8. Arabella49212
    Arabella Browning Plzzz. ︀Write ︀me! ︀I ︀m ︀waiting ︀for ︀you, ︀open ︀link ︀>>>>> ︀i︀n︀t︀i︀m︀c︀o︀n︀t︀a︀c︀t︀.︀c︀o︀m︀?︀p︀r︀o︀f︀i︀l︀e︀88555047

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