The Bonobo Trust was born with the calendar year 2013.
Three musicians who had been jamming and playing together weekly for almost 10 years made a decision. During the last jam session of 2012 at the suggestion (threat?) of the guitarist, there would be no more cover songs played at the weekly sessions. Since the playlist of original music consisted of only 4 or 5 songs, more needed to be written. With the assistance of a compact digital recorder, the band set out to create a veritable plethora of new music. Most of the initial songs started with a simple bass riff. Guitar and drums were layered in, and in many cases some sort of improvised lyrics were added to the composition.

By early June, there was enough material to play the opening set for a two night engagement of a reunion gig weekend for the bassists old cover band, "The Foster Brothers." In the following months, The Bonobo Trust experimented with additional songwriting techniques to increase and refine their playlist. Who knew there were so many different ways to write a song? Don't let anyone tell you something like, "This is how to write a song", unless you exchange the 'how' with 'one way'.

In the late Summer of 2014 The Bonobo Trust was in the recording studio working on 16 genre jumping songs. Moke had some studio work remaining on a good number of tracks at the time of his passing.

An eclectic rock/country/f-punk/new-school original indie trio. Did they really just sing about what I think they just sang about? ✌☮✌ Music mix artist, fan, social commentator, pic taker, friend and oh yeah, a band. They don't fit into boxes, nor does their music. ✌☮✌ Mermaids, Kitties, Bunnies & Gators. Helping Myspace become what it will be. Joy, love, peace, fun & music for you! ✌☮✌ Trying to figure out if they're supposed to be original classic rock or classic original rock. In any case they wrote this stuff! ✌☮✌

Enjoy some of the raw digital recordings of The Bonobo Trust or the jangly "college indie rock" of The Eclectics (previous original band of the bassist) from their 1991 release Watershed in the music section here. When The Bonobo Trust has finished studio versions of their music, you could reasonably expect to hear at least some of that here.

The journey changed on October 7, 2014. The band lost their original guitarist and friend, a talented and good man. It was a pleasure for them to know and work with him. Cherish the moments you have.✌☮✌

TheNoBo are a 3 piece Minneapolis based original music indie band. Their lyrical focus on prevalent yet under-addressed aspects of experience coupled with collaborative musical interpretation creates a unique and appealing sound.


Ska Tana - Bass, Vocals

Nathaniel Buckthorne - Guitar, Vocals

Joelseph - Drums, Vocals

Sometimes they make up songs. Sometimes they put 'em here. Sometimes they're finishing up a studio project. Sometimes it's time. ✌☮✌

Free Lemonade and other Delectable Delights! ✌☮✌

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