To be or not to be….

For those who need to belong to a musical tribe, Shaggy Dogs are renegades because they do not claim any affiliation. Blues ? Not only. Pub Rock ? Too restrictive! Rock, maybe ? Soul ??? A little bit of this and a little bit of that, a subtle melting pot that they call Blues’n’Roll fiesta. Can they be considered rebels and outlaws because they refuse all the clichés associated to a defined genre and do not accept conventions ? They have chosen freedom and their music is rich of many influences and colours. Their motto : partying with the crowd.

« Renegade Party » is another chapter in this search for freedom. While still feeding from their elders, this new opus confirms the Shaggy Dogs touch.

Al Scott, who was already the producer for « Who Let the Shaggy Dogs Out ?! », got the best of the four renegades so that they could polish 13 powerful and sharp songs for « Renegade Party ». From the groovy ‘Voodoo King’ to the striking ‘Shaggy Dogs Power’ and the touching ‘Simple Life’, many Shaggy Dogs musical facets are revealed and move the lines.

What about the iconography ? Oncle Red sharpened his pencils and came back to the drawing board. The digipack he imagined translates into pictures the Shaggy Dogs Blues’n’Roll Fiesta creed.

And if you were not convinced by their social awareness, you should take the time to read the lyrics written by Laurent Bourdier, the creator of Le Buis Blues Festival. They prove, if needed, that music can convey simple but meaningful messages.

With « Renegade Party », Toma (bass), Jacker (guitar), Guillermo (drums) and Red (vocals, harp) look to the future and are ready to write a new chapter of their story. They are planning trips to Japan, Benelux… even Australia and they are looking forward to playing for the venues and festivals they have not been invited to yet. Considered as a major act on the European Blues scene, they represented France at the European Blues Challenge in March 2013.

Like the many afficionados who saw them on stage, come discover their music live : that’s where these friendly renegades are at their best !

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