FAUN - Medieval music, Celtic & Nordic folk
FAUN combines medieval & ancient instruments with modern influences to create an enchanting and powerful atmosphere. The band's performance incorporates many different instruments, including the Celtic harp, hurdy-gurdy, key fiddle, various lutes, the bagpipes, archaic beats and many drums like for example large Japanese taiko drums, flutes, hammered dulcimer, and many more, as well as the melodic vocal section going from solo folk-like and often ambient melodies to chant-like and always enchanting vocal performances with the two female and frontman Oliver s.tyr vocalists combining something truelly magical.. Influences of Celtic folk and medieval music fusing with driving beats draws an ever fast growing crowd of followers.

The ensemble FAUN was founded in early 2002 in Munich and has performed at more than 700 locations, festivals, concert halls and churches throughout the world. Some of them include: Mèra Luna Festival (Germany), Headlining the Faerieworld Festival Oregon USA & the Faeriecon Festival Maryland USA, Earthdance Festival (California USA), Elf Fantasy Fair (Netherlands), Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany), Fiesta Celtica Biella (Italy), Folkwoods Folkfestival (Netherlands), Arena van Vletingen (Belgium), Locomotive (Paris/France), Savari Karneval 2005 (Hungary), Palladius/Barcelona (Spain), and many more...

Til today FAUN has released seven longplay CD's:

"Zaubersprüche" (Incantations) - 2002

"Licht" (Light) - 2004

"Renaissance" - 2005

"Totem" - 2007

"FAUN & the pagan folk festival - LIVE" – 2008

"Buch der Balladen" (book of ballads) (acoustic CD) – 2009

"Eden" - 2011

"Von den Elben" - 2012

and two DVD's

"Lichtbilder" (Light pictures) - 2004 (not sold anymore)

"Ornament" - 2007

In cooperation with the distributor Screaming Banshee / ALIVE (Germany) they have till today sold more than 220000 CDs worldwide. Their CD EDEN was the cover-story in one of the biggest music magazines in Germany (SONIC SEDUCER) and included artwork by some of the worlds leading fantasy artists: e.g. Brian Froud (UK), Julia Jeffrey (UK), Kris Kuksi (USA).

The Acoustic CD "Buch der Balladen" achieved CD of the month in the music magazines "ZILLO Dec. 2009" and "ORKUS Dec.2009"

"TOTEM" managed rank #78 in the German (media control) album charts, rank #6 in the german alternative charts and rank #1 in the german medieval charts.

2012 FAUN will mostly be on tour with their main concert show, where they combine up to three layered vocals, a great variety of old / medieval instruments and modern influences like samples, beats and synthesizers, for an unseated (dancing) audience at rock & folk festivals, medieval & renaissance fairs and other concert venues. For the first time they will be joined on stage by the two new bandmembers:

SONJA DRAKULICH (USA/California) one of the worlds finest worldmusic vocalist and STEPHAN GROTH (Dresden / Germany) one of the most promising hurdy-gurdy players in the German folk scene.

During the cold seasons, its the "FAUN ACOUSTIC SHOW" with mostly medieval music in seated venues like churches and theaters.

FAUN is:

Oliver s. Tyr

Bachelor of German medieval literature (Mediaevistik).

Since more than 20 years musical experience at string and bowed instruments. (many workshops like for example Nyckelharpa at Marco Ambrosini & Sonja Sahlström, celtic harp at Betty Peterson and Uschi Laar). Played as a studio musician for many CDs in the medieval and folk genre, like for example for the: Mediaeval Baebes, Eluveitie, Corvus Corax, Omnia, Schandmaul and many more...

Vocals, nyckelharpa, irish bouzouki, celtic harp, guitar, lute, saz & tar

Fiona Rueggeberg

Classical Education at piano, recorder and guitar. Studied old oriental music (University Istanbul / Munic). Education in oriental music performance and profession as a studio musician in the world music genre

Vocals, bagpipe, dombra, rebap, seljefloit, recorders, chalumeaux, harmonium & fujara

Sonja Drakulich

From San Francisco (USA). Is one of the best and well known voices of the contemporary world music scene. Her career includes 3 internationally acclaimed CDs with her own ensemble "Stellamara" as well as collaborations with Ross Daly, Evan Fraser and many more.

Vocals, hammered dulcimer, percussion

Stephan Groth

Is one of the most promising hurdy-gurdy player of the German Folk scene and did acclaim high recognition and positive reviews with his both side projects "Liederlicher Unfug" (Medieval Music) and "Zirp" (Fusion Folk).

Vocals, hurdy-gurdy, cittern & flutes

Ruediger Maul - (

Since more than 20 years professional musician and percussion teacher. Apprenticeship by Glen Velez (Framedrums), Louis Conte (L.A.Studio) and Jojo Mayer (Drumset). Worked many years as a studio musician and in the film- and theater music business. Collaboration for example with "Artists for nature", Martin Weiss and Udo Jürgens.

Darabukka, davul, bendir, tamborello, taiko, riq, berimbao and many other percussioninstruments

Niel Mitra

Many years of professional work as an electronic musician. Organiser of the festival "Digital-Analog" 01 & 02. Many different performances and projects (for example 4 different theater music shows 04-08).

and many years resident DJ- Ultraschall München

Computer, sampler, synthesizer

Faun - Discography:

- CD "ZAUBERSPRÜCHE" (Apr. 2002) (distributed by Curzweyhl / ZOMBA)

- CD "LICHT" (Dec. 2003) (distributed by Curzweyhl / Rough Trade)

- DVD "LICHTBILDER" (Nov. 2004) (distributed by Curzweyhl / Rough Trade)

- CD "RENAISSANCE" (Jul. 2005) (distributed by Curzweyhl / Rough Trade)

- CD "TOTEM" (Mar. 2007) (distributed by Curzweyhl / Rough Trade)

- DVD "ORNAMENT" (Nov. 2007) (distributed by Curzweyhl / Rough Trade)

- CD "FAUN – LIVE" (Mar. 2008) (distributed by Banshee Records / Alive)

- CD "BUCH DER BALLADEN" (Nov.2009) (distributed by Banshee Records / Alive)

- CD "EDEN" (Jun. 2011) (distributed by Banshee Records / Alive)

- CD "VON DEN ELBEN" (Feb. 2012) (distributed by Universal Records)



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