The urban world of Nebelhexe! A project that was active in 2009
Her songs as Nebelhexe described her childhood memories, She grew up rich, free and dramatic. It made her become the adrenaline junkie that she is. Her lyrics were about her life in the red light district. Which was fun,, yet really tough.

Her songs have been used for films - her psychological lyrics about child abuse were often recited and published by diverse sources.

Her style ranged from ambient, rock, tribal, trance to electronic sounds. In 2009 she started to really dislike the 'gothic' , 'metal' and alternative scene the project was pinned to. She realised all those sub cults, be they religious, political or musical, are consisting of small-minded, insecure individuals that often make it their business to aggressively push everybody else into their sad, little, restricted world. She said:

" I realised a lot of such people have mental inabilities going on. Don’t get me wrong, I feel really bad for them. But I had to cut such negative people out of my life completely. Life is too short and valuable to let some idiots kill your vibe. My real life has always been so much more awesome and brilliant." We are not defined by our mistakes. Everybody knows that (except for those people stuck in the sub cult scenes) :-P

- -

Always re-inventing herself, this very independent girl thus started fresh with a different crowd that understands her art better. She works these days under a different name as an actress, film-script writer, producer of house/hip hop music, and start up adviser. Always challenging herself, she is a charismatic, high energy girl who never goes unnoticed anywhere. She is into strong physical ideals and she has been blogging about fitness since she is 18 years old. Her partner is called Marc.

She is a successful start up coach today and runs several investment businesses.She sais:

"We are so free. We can just do whatever we want. Money is freedom. Money is energy!"


"I just love to explore life. I like to keep a young spirit, and I don't take life too seriously. I always need new challenges and I just love to explore my creativity, which pretty much is undefinable... If you want success, you have to get up and work for it!

"Nebelhexe was simply good, atmospheric music. Please view and enjoy it that way... Stop pinning me to your closed-minded sub cult scene and give me opinions I don't have. It's not my fault the internet allows any envious amateur to write 'facts' about a person and twists old, embarassing shit we might have said once in the past on fucking WIKIPEDIA! just to keep their fantasy alive. We have the right to be forgotten! Move on. ;-))


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