i grew up listening to the beatles.
but kiss got me playing the guitar.i really liked playing lead guitar.

some of my favorite guitarists in high school were:

billy gibbons

ronnie montrose

michael schenker

alex lifeson

eventually my first band got to record an album.

in south austin at cedar creek studios.

i watched the engineer, fred remmert.

he let me assist him. i really wanted to start recording things.

i got a four-track cassette recorder and started recording.

i started listening to more jazz and classical artists.

these recordings sounded good.

some of my favorite artists were:

miles davis

bill evans

john coltrane

glenn gould

vladimir horowitz

i played in a latin jazz guitar duo called lara & reyes for 20 years.

i helped record and engineer the 6 records we released.

we signed with higher octave music, who were based in malibu california

one record was nominated for a latin grammy.

it was titled: world jazz

during that same 20 years i went back to the beginning

back to the beatles.

to see if i could write my own songs with lyrics.

a friend gave me a record.

whatever by aimee mann.

it was produced by jon brion

i began to adopt their writing style

since then i have released 3 solo albums

i write, record and perform everything myself.

while continuing to write and record i was part of a production.

an album called "la musica de baldemar huerta" by freddy fender.

it won a grammy award for best latin pop album in 2002.

i've continued to perform, write and record music

among my friends i work with are these bands or artists:


mitch webb and the swindles

salim nourallah

vanessa peters

patricia vonne

i began my life absorbing and deciphering music.

that is still what i do today.

i'm thankful for the talent that i received form my family.

many of them played musical instruments and sang.

it allowed me a path into another world.

a world in which sounds could give way to emotions.

one in which the world made sense.

it requires dedication and hard work.

but the rewards are more than worth these requirements.

i hope you enjoy my music.

if you ever want to discuss music, please contact me.

thank you for your time.

joe reyes

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