25 things about me :-)
1. I love the fragrance of wet mud

2. I like to dream

3. I love to take photographs wherever I go

4. I can listen to same song non-stop in loop for days and still enjoy it. This freaks out all my buddies :)

5. When I'm tensed, I like to watch movies or dance

6. I love oil pastel crayons

7.I love chocolates, in anything and everything (Note: You can bribe me chocolates into doing almost anything).

8. Usually, I don't tend to worry about what you think of me, unless you are someone very important in my life

9. I have few close friends

10. Cold coffee (decaf and light) with ice-cream comes next

11. for me, there's no such thing as watching too much movie, nor drinking too much tea!

12.Smiles can work wonders

13. To me, there's no such thing as a Stupid Question (only unless, the intention of question is to show your participation)

14. I believe You only see what you want to see

15. Everyone who doesn't agree with me is my friend

16. Body odor is a BIG turn-off to me

17. I love everything my Mommy cooks for me

18. I don't mind doing stupid reckless things with my close friends around

19. If I don't talk to you in a while, that doesn't mean I'm pissed off at you, and neither that I don't care for you.

20. I can go on for the day with just a breakfast and a bottle of apple juice!

21. When tired, a splash of ice-cold water on face works miracles on me

22. I love to collect coffee/tea mugs

23. I can laugh alone (of course, not without a reason!)

24. I spend more time digging and fixing what is not right within me, than I spend enjoying what is good in me. I believe it helps me make a better me as days pass by, but at the same time I miss out on enjoying the good things in me. While it helps me make me "the me" I am, I don't necessarily see this as a good thing. Neither am I actively looking at fixing it :-S family and friends mean everything ..!!!

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