-Introduced to gangster rap in 2004, by Hi Power Universal / Hi Power Koch.
Former bodyguard of Hi Power Soldiers was signed as a gangster rap enforcer, and immediately went to war with multiple rap labels, destroying them.. then shortly took the beef to the streets, which resulted in him going on the run and getting banned in multiple states for violence (some of this was caught on youtube years ago but was deleted for violating youtube laws).

-Big Lokote has featured on over 52 major distributed world wide released cds, and quickly became the most feared artist in the Chicano Rap game. He still remains the most feared and most hated to this day.

-In 2008, Big Lokote parted ways with Hi Power, left the Chicano Rap game, and started venturing the underground with his new label Insane Asylum Ent. Then retired in 2010 in order to clean up and start living positive for his family.

-His retirement caught the interest of his prior rap label Hi Power, leading to them making multiple e-thug youtube videos, pretending to have beef with Big Lokote. Which ultimately lead to pushing him out of retirement in 2012, causing Big Lokote to resurrect and signing with "Serial Killing Records SKR", then immediately fired back with his "Hi Coward Killaz (double disk) album",resulting in HPG's destruction.

-2013 Big Lokote came back harder then ever, releasing his first music video titled, "I Aint The One You Wanna Try" ft; Deuce L (Insane Asylum). Soon after, one of the prior artist's he destroyed back in 2006, came back and took a subliminal shot, leading to Big Lokote firing back with his newest track "Shallow Lames", resulting in the destruction of Conejo (the talentless unknown e-thug) AGAIN.


-Big Lokote is working on his next albums as we speak. They are titled "Sicksylum Soldierz & Gangbanging Stories", which will be releasing in 2013. Aside from making music, he is now also producing at his new studio "Mayhem Studios", and will be releasing more heat for the streets. So stay tuned, and spread the word. Peace to you all.

Albums available at;

Also available on iTunes and ALL MAJOR DIGITAL STORES

-Facebook link- LOKOTE THE REAL

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