It’s the latest single from their sixth album

Bloc Party revealed their latest single, “The Girls Are Fighting,” the second track from their upcoming album, Alpha Games. This will be their sixth studio album and their first full-length release since their 2016 album Hymns.

In this single, frontman Keke Okereke sings of a night gone wrong, detailing disastrous events he witnesses. The song evokes the very physical nature of fighting as rhythmic chanting and pounding instrumentals create suspense in the track. Okereke states the track is inspired by ’70s glam rock and Adam Ant. This single continues a trend in Bloc Party’s discography as they attempt to return to their classic sound.

“There was no specific incident that inspired this song – it was more a composite of lots of things I’ve seen over the years when being in clubs and seeing violence erupt with feuding love rivals. I’ve always had a slight obsession with those sorts of moments; like a fuse being lit, when actions turn from words into violence. You can learn a lot about who people really are in those moments,” Okereke said in a statement about the high-energy track.

The new single is also accompanied by a video taking place in the Repton Boxing Club, a Victorian Bath House that was converted into a boxing gym in East London’s Bethnal Green.

Alpha Games is set for release on April 29 via Infectious/BMG. The album is available for pre-order here.

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