Sony is leaning into Marvel

New claims suggest a multiplayer Marvel game exclusive to the PlayStation 5 is in development.

As spotted by GamesRadar, XboxEra podcast co-host Nick Baker recently said during the latest episode that “Sony is leaning into Marvel” while also claiming that there is a multiplayer Marvel game in development.

“We see that with Spider-Man, we see that with Wolverine. Sony is obviously all-in on Marvel, and Marvel and Disney are clearly all-in on Sony,” Baker said. “I have been told there is a […] multiplayer Marvel game allegedly in the works, that will probably be a PS5 exclusive,” Baker said.

Baker went on to say that he had to “cut back” what he was going to say and that between him and his source they “speculated the studio possibly making this game is Insomniac”, hammering down on the speculation part.

You can check out what Nick Baker said below:

What this unannounced PS5 exclusive Marvel title could be remains to be seen, but if the claims are true, the game could likely star even more iconic Marvel heroes fans know and love.

During the latest PlayStation Showcase 2021, Sony announced Marvel’s Wolverine, the next game from Insomniac Games as well as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which will feature both Miles Morales and Peter Parker along with the villain Venom and, who fans assume to be narrating the reveal trailer, Kraven the Hunter.

In other news, Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that Spider-Man will have his own cutscenes and story in Marvel’s Avengers.

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