The deluxe reissue features a BBC Radio 1 session, unheard live performances and more

The Black Keys are set to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their album ‘El Camino’ later this year with a new reissue.

The record, which features some of the blues rock duo’s biggest hits including ‘Lonely Boy’ and ‘Gold On The Ceiling’, was released on December 6, 2011.

Just ahead of the 10th anniversary on November 5, the band will reissue the album via Nonesuch Records.

Formats of the anniversary release, which features a fully remastered version of the original album, include a Super Deluxe edition (5xLP/4xCD), an unreleased concert recording, a 2012 BBC Radio 1 session for Zane Lowe, a photobook, posters, prints and an air freshener.

Pre-order the reissue here, and watch a trailer for the 10th anniversary edition of the album below, alongside the tracklist for the four versions.

Remastered ‘El Camino’ album

1. ‘Lonely Boy’
2. ‘Dead and Gone’
3. ‘Gold on the Ceiling’
4. ‘Little Black Submarines’
5. ‘Money Maker’
6. ‘Run Right Back’
7. ‘Sister’
8. ‘Hell of a Season’
9. ‘Stop Stop’
10. ‘Nova Baby’
11. ‘Mind Eraser’

Live in Portland, ME

1. ‘Howlin’ for You’
2. ‘Next Girl’
3. ‘Run Right Back’
4. ‘Same Old Thing’
5. ‘Dead and Gone’
6. ‘Gold on the Ceiling’
7. ‘Thickfreakness’
8. ‘Girl Is On My Mind’
9. ‘I’ll Be Your Man / Your Touch’
10. ‘Little Black Submarines’
11. ‘Money Maker’
12. ‘Strange Times’
13. ‘Chop and Change’
14. ‘Nova Baby’
15. ‘Ten Cent Pistol’
16. ‘Tighten Up’
17. ‘Lonely Boy’
18. ‘Everlasting Light’
19. ‘She’s Long Gone’
20. ‘I Got Mine’

Zane Lowe BBC Radio 1 Session

1. ‘Howlin’ for You’
2. ‘Next Girl’
3. ‘Gold on the Ceiling’
4. ‘Thickfreakness’
5. ‘I’ll Be Your Man’
6. ‘Your Touch’
7. ‘Little Black Submarines’
8. ‘Dead and Gone’
9. ‘Tighten Up’
10. ‘Lonely Boy’
11. ‘I Got Mine’

Electro Vox Session

1. ‘Dead and Gone’
2. ‘Gold on the Ceiling’
3. ‘Howlin’ for You’
4. ‘Lonely Boy’
5. ‘Money Maker’
6. ‘Next Girl’
7. ‘Run Right Back’
8. ‘Sister’
9. ‘Tighten Up’

The Black Keys released their latest album ‘Delta Kream’, a covers record of classic blues songs, earlier this year.

Reviewing the album, NME wrote: “This record reinforces a willing and gradual retreat from the rock juggernaut space The Black Keys once occupied. The moody jams bubble with authenticity in a deeply satisfying trip back in time.

“While this record is unlikely to bring the band or the cultural touchstones they cover back to the top, it’s a soul-searching move that satisfies their own fandom while showing they’ll never compromise.”

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