He's also unveiled the album's lead single, 'Endless Hours'

Daniel Avery has announced details around his forthcoming album ‘Together In Static’, as well as dropping its lead single ‘Endless Hours’.

The album’s first offering dropped today (April 16). ‘Endless Hours’ is a sleek, vibrant electronica effort, and follows the release of last November’s double release ‘Petrol Blue’ and ‘Into The Voice Of Stillness’.

Listen below:

The forthcoming album – due for release on June 24 via Phantasy + Mute – is comprised of music created for a Covid-safe live show at London’s Hackney Church on May 29.

In a press statement, Avery said of the ‘Together In Static’ collection, “As with many things this past year, the project took on a power and a life of its own right in front of me.

“The original idea was to simply play a couple of small gigs at Hackney Church during the last lockdown. I started to make music specifically for the shows yet, as plans continued to shift, I fell deeper into the waves.

“By the time I came up for air, I realized I had a complete record I wanted to share. I feel it’s some of my best work and I’m gassed for you all to hear it.”

Prior to the album’s release, Avery will return to Hackney Church to give a livestreamed performance of the album in full on June 23, with tickets available here.

Last year Avery released his album ‘Love + Light’. In a review of the album, NME said the release “perfectly captures the euphoria of club culture”.

“‘Love + Light’ feels like it soundtracks your entire night out – from your first steps into the club to arriving home after hours of raving.”

Daniel Avery’s ‘Together In Static’ tracklist is:

1. ‘Crystal Eyes’
2. ‘Yesterday Faded’
3. ‘Nowhere Sound’
4. ‘The Pursuit of Joy’
5. ‘Fountain of Peace’
6. ‘Together in Static’
7. ‘A Life That Is Your Own’
8. ‘Hazel and Gold’
9. ‘[hope comes in many forms]’
10. ‘Endless Hours’
11. ‘The Midnight Sun’

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