"I feel like I’m losing my mind"

Chvrches appear to be teasing new music with a series of cryptic posts – you can check them out below.

The synth-pop trio – comprised of Lauren Mayberry, Martin Doherty and Iain Cook – are due to release their fourth studio album in 2021, having written and recorded it over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to social media last week, the group began posting screenshots displaying iPhone-style notifications, which included the message “It’s all in your head” above the options “Trust” and “Don’t Trust”.

Now, Chvrches have shared a grainy video of frontwoman Mayberry applying makeup in a mirror. The singer, now sporting blonde hair, screams in split-second shots before smudging lipstick across her face.

The clip is soundtracked by distressed, filtered audio that sounds like it’s being played backwards. “Video Diary 001: I feel like I’m losing my mind,” the post’s caption reads. Watch below.

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Mayberry offered fans some hints at what to expect from Chvrches’ next record, which will follow 2018’s ‘Love Is Dead’, back in December of last year.

She said the new album had “definitely got the Chvrches DNA” but that the songs featured on it couldn’t “slot into any of the first three records”.

Last September, the singer explained that the band would be following a “theme” on their next full-length. “For me, it’s been interesting to look at the records and see the progression of the storytelling, for lack of a less wanky word,” she said.

“I feel like it’s about the marriage between the stuff that’s purely personal, and the stuff that’s more imagery, and narrative [based]. We have a pretty specific theme in mind for the whole thing, so yeah, I feel like it’ll be a marriage of those things.”

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