Back to Gilead....

A new teaser trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale reveals its US release date.

The hit Hulu series, which airs in the UK on Channel 4, will premiere on the US streaming service on April 28. NME has contacted Channel 4 regarding a UK release.

As Digital Spy reports, the next run of episodes will return with three installments at once. The remaining seven episodes will then land on a weekly basis.

Series three of the dystopian series, which is based on Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel of the same name, concluded in the UK in September 2019. The show follows Elizabeth Moss’ character, June, living the totalitarian state of Gilead where women are treated as the property of the state.

The fourth season has seen a number of production delays owing to the coronavirus crisis.


*Spoilers below*

At the end of season three, Elisabeth Moss’ character June again failed in her bid to escape to Canada. However, this time she acted as a decoy – and was shot in the process – to allow others to traverse the border and meet up with their families.

As per the teaser trailer, season four will pick up after those events.

Last October, Moss discussed in an interview the possibility of The Handmaid’s Tale having a happy ending.

Moss spoke about the future of the show, saying she would be “offended” if it kept going if her character died. Asked by The Times if there could be a happy ending, she replied: “It depends what you define as happy.”

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