'Not For Touching – The Intangible Composition' will offer NFTs and digital paintings in December

System Of A Down‘s Serj Tankian has unveiled a new virtual exhibition titled Not For Touching – The Intangible Composition.

Presented by CurioNFT, the collection comprises 21 pieces of work spanning “mergers of art, music, digital paintings and animation”, according to a tweet from Tankian.


The collection will also include various simulated rooms, large-scale animated graphics from visual effects artist Roger Kupelian (The Lord Of The Rings), along with original music scored by Tankian. More information can be found here.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Tankian revealed that he got into painting “to see my music”. He continued: “By adding musical compositions to art, we’ve created a more powerful encompassing experience for lovers of art and music”.

Per a press release, the exhibition will be made available from December 6 onwards. The collection will offer several exclusive NFTs with an accompanying signed giclée print, four sets of one of 25 NFTs with signed giclée prints as well as four sets of one of 100 NFT releases.

In an effort to offset the environmental impact from the exhibition, Tankian and CurioNFT will use lazy minting, a process that reduces carbon emissions to just two per cent of what it would normally generate – which, according to the press release, equates to approximately 17 emails with attachments.

Tankian and CurioNFT have also announced that they will donate 10 per cent of all sales to TUMO, a free-of-charge educational program based in Armenia, Lebanon, France, Russia, German and Albania. TUMO gives teens the chance to determine their own learning, through workshops, activities and projects of their choosing.

The news of the virtual exhibition comes a month after Serj Tankian tested positive for COVID-19, forcing System Of A Down to postpone a pair of shows in Los Angeles to February 2022.

Following his positive diagnosis, Tankian took to social media to say that he was “happy I along with my elder parents are vaccinated”, adding that “I believe that being vaccinated helped minimize my symptoms and suffering”.

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