Wondering what Butcher's been up to?

The Boys have released a spin-off short film on Twitter focusing on Billy the Butcher ahead of today’s episode – check it out below.

The snippet fills in the gaps for Karl Urban’s character between the end of season one’s finale and the ongoing second season.

“So, what sort of extraordinarily deep shit are you in that you come shuffling up to my door in the middle of the night?” a man asks in the clip, speaking to Billy – who had been framed for the death of Madelyn Stillwell.

Check out the short film here:

Discussing the decision to release season 2 of The Boys in weekly installments, Eric Kripke said it came from the producers, not Amazon Prime Video.

“Our feeling is that when it airs all eight at once, it becomes a sugar rush of a binge,” he said. “People burn through it in a week or two. There’s an intense amount of activity, and then it sort of fades.

“There’s so many great moments in season two, we want to give it time to marinate, so people can reflect on it and talk about it before they move on to the next thing and be in the conversation a little longer. I think a little anticipation for the fans is healthy.”

In a four-star review of season 2 of The BoysNME said: “The Boys may be the most adult superhero show on TV – but with its hotly-awaited return, it proves it’s the most fun too.”

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