The album, recorded in Los Angeles last month, is almost finished, the singer says

Poppy has revealed that she’s almost finished a new album, one which will present a “completely different sonic vibe”.

The singer released latest album ‘I Disagree’ in January, and shared a festive EP earlier this month.

Now, as Poppy revealed in a new interview, work is almost complete on her next album. Asked by SPIN about new material she’d previously discussed at the beginning of quarantine in March, Poppy said: “I still intend on releasing what I was doing in March, but it morphed into something else. I actually have my hand in a couple of projects at the moment. But one of them is about 95 percent done, and I am itching to release that.

“About a month ago in L.A., I got my touring band together, and we got to record a new album. It was a process I’d never experienced but knew I always wanted to do. It was very organic.”


Describing the “whole experience and approach” as “completely new,” Poppy added: “I was able to get my band together and learn the songs I wrote in a very confined space and time, about things that are very close to me. We tracked it all live in a room. It has a completely different sonic vibe. We’re doing the last touches on it now.”

She also revealed that the album is produced by an unnamed collaborator she describes as “someone I really respect and have wanted to work with for a number of years,” before stating that she wasn’t inspired by the coronavirus pandemic when writing the album.

“There’s no mention of quarantine or lockdown or any of those things in the songs,” she said. “I think we all know where we’ve all been for the last nine months.

“I don’t need to beat people over the head about that – we all know what happened. The songs are just very personal to me – they’re about a span of two years.”

Poppy’s 2020 album ‘I Disagree’ landed in January and followed on from 2018’s ‘Am I A Girl’. In a four-star reviewNME hailed ‘I Disagree’ as the star’s “most accomplished record, full of daring theatre and snarling forward motion”.

Since then, she has shared a rendition of Tatu’s hit ‘All The Things She Said’, which had been recorded in celebration of Pride month, shared a deluxe edition of ‘I Disagree’ and covered the Pokémon theme song ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’.

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