Angelakos opens his archives

Passion Pit‘s Michael Angelakos has uploaded almost 40 unreleased tracks, demos, live performances, remixes and rarities to Soundcloud.

Angelakos has been quiet since the release of his fourth album as Passion Pit in 2017, ‘Tremendous Sea Of Love’, as he announced a break from music to focus on his mental health.

As first reported by Consequence of Sound, Angelakos began uploading the material on the 18th of December this year and has steadily added new tracks each day with no signs of stopping.

A new Soundcloud bio says Angelakos is “previewing unreleased songs, demos at various stages, reduced/alternative mixes, a capella tracks, instrumentals, and other b-sides and “rarities.””. Browse the full collection here.

Among the uploads are unreleased songs that contrast significantly with the glitz of Passion Pit’s studio material. ‘It’s Not You, It’s Six AM (draft1)’ is an Aphex Twin-like rhythmic electronic instrumental, while ‘Mother of a Whole New World (demo take 1)’ sees Angelakos sing in a ragged tenor over clockwork drums, avoiding his signature falsetto altogether.


A capella and demo versions of Passion Pit’s released material also abound, including vocal-only versions of the hit ‘Sleepyhead’, ‘It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy’, ‘Where We Belong’ and more.

Many of the live recordings are taken from Passion Pit’s performances at the now-defunct Australian touring festival, The Big Day Out, in 2010. Remixes of recent singles ‘Hey K’ and ‘Five Foot Ten’ as well as 2017 “redux” versions of the band’s first material also appear.

The 10-minute ‘Breathing In The Color Violet (d1_take1.3_fx_nobass_nomstr)’ featuring a stop-start groove and wordless vocoder, was uploaded with a note asking fans to let Angelakos know whether he should finish the song.

The singer-songwriter has been replying to many of the comments on the material, thanking fans for their support and offering background details on the tracks. If his bio is to be believed, a “free sample library” is coming soon, though it is unclear what this will entail.

Last year, Angelakos released his first new music as Passion Pit since 2017, with the collaborative single with Galantis ‘I Found U’.

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