"I'll see you next time I'm in Liverpool"

Robert Pattinson surprised a young Batman super-fan with a present while filming in Liverpool.

The star, who is set to play the titular character in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, wrote to 10-year-old James Campbell after he sent in a drawing of the character.

Campbell, who has autism and is a big DC fan, visited the Batman set every day with his parents while the production was shooting in Liverpool. Campbell’s mother, Nicola Corkill, asked Radio City News on Twitter to help boost her request to send her son’s picture to Pattinson’s team.

“Can you help my 10yo autistic son get this picture to ‘batman’ he has been at the set in #liverpool today and will be there every night until it is gone. He’s a massive fan an[d] this would make his entire year. Please help me out a smile on my boy’s face,” Corkill wrote.

“#Batman production team in #Liverpool can you help??” Radio City News then tweeted. “Nicola’s son is a MASSIVE fan and wants the man himself to have this picture he’s drawn.

“Please Twitter, do your thing, it would make a 10 year old boy very happy.”

Robert Pattinson then sent a delivery of Batman-themed gifts to the family, including a Batmobile, along with a handwritten note which read: “Sorry I missed you. Your drawing was great! I’ll see you next time I’m in Liverpool.”

James’ father Darren told Radio City: “To see him react and be so happy just melted our hearts. His mum was in tears, it was just so amazing the fact that he’d actually got something that he really wanted.

“It was just so nice to see that smile on his face.”

The Batman is set to be released in cinemas in 2022.

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