The album turns 10 this year

The Black Keys are set to reissue ‘Brothers’ to mark the album’s 10th anniversary.

The reissue, which will arrive on December 18 via Nonesuch Records, will also feature two previously unreleased tracks: ‘Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth’ and ‘Black Mud Part II’.

In a new video posted by the group, a young fan can be seen in 2010 picking up a copy of ‘Brothers’ and texting his friend, on a flip phone, about the new album.

The fan is then hit by a car and left in a coma for ten tears. The fan is later seen waking up in hospital where news of the reissue is announced by a nurse. The fan asks: “Are we at war with anyone?” The nurse replies, “Oh, no, Jack and the Keys squashed that beef!”

You can watch the video below:

The new reissue will take on three formats. As well as a 7-inch box set (which is limited to 7500 copies worldwide), there will be a double-LP vinyl set and a CD box set.

The 7-inch box set will include new linear notes, an archival book of photos and a limited edition poster. Also featured in the reissue will be rarity ‘Chop and Change’, which appeared on the soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Following the reissue of ‘Brothers’, the group plan to release further archival collections annually.

Reviewing ‘Brothers’ back in 2010, NME said: “‘Brothers’ marks the midway point between the garage-rock stylings of their first few albums and the hip-hop influence of last year’s Blackroc side-project album. Authentic? Who cares when it sounds this good?”

Reflecting on the release recently, NME added: ‘Brothers’ gave the band their commercial breakthrough and next album ‘El Camino’ saw them reach new heights with the phenomenal success of single ‘Lonely Boy’.

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