The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti has teamed up with Italian art dealer Fabrizio Moretti (yes, that’s correct), for a new art exhibition at Sotheby’s in New York.

The auction house will host ‘In Passing’ from December 15 to 18, before auctioning off the artwork on the last day. Art dealer Moretti will host a selection of 20 Old Master paintings and sculptures ranging from the 14th to 18th Centuries, while Strokes drummer Moretti will provide a selection of immersive installations.

Moretti (the art dealer), commented: “What unites [these artists] is their mastery over their craft and their exploration of the universal themes of the human condition. I was intrigued to collaborate with another Fabrizio who shares my name, a man who is both a respected visual artist and musician who excels across disciplines, much like the artists featured in the exhibition, and to re-discover these themes with him.”

Sotheby’s Brahm Wachter said: “It has been incredibly exciting for my colleague Yasemin Ozuye and I to work on this collaboration with the two Fabrizio Morettis, each a powerful force in their respective fields. The collaboration speaks to the larger effort by Sotheby’s to attract new and younger clientele by presenting Old Masters in fresh and interesting ways.”

In other news, Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi recently teased that their anticipated comeback album is finished. 

Valensi was interviewed on Out of the Box when the host claimed to have inside information that the album was complete and currently at the mixing stage. “Wow, you heard that?” Valensi replied. “Who told you that?”

With the host stating that the info came from a “reliable source”, the musician said: “Well, it must be true then.” Pressed on “when” or “if” we’ll hear the record, Valensi responded: “When, I don’t know. If – I would say, a strong likelihood.”

The Strokes will also head back to South America next year to headline Lollapalooza.

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