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The Killers and Kings of Leon are among the latest acts to join the impressive Mad Cool festival line-up for 2020.

The Madrid event will take place next year between July 8-11, with the likes of Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Foals all on the bill.

Now, it’s been confirmed that The Killers will bring a bit of Las Vegas glitz and glamour to Mad Cool, alongside a set from Kings of Leon.

Tickets for next year’s festival will go on sale on Sunday (December 1) at mid-day and will be available through Mad Cool’s official sales channels:, and Festicket.

Mad Cool Festival is also reviewing its pricing structure for 2020, meaning that a day ticket will cost 65€, a 3-day pass will be 149€ and a 4-day pass is 159€. These prices will only apply, however, to the first 15,000 tickets that are sold.

A VIP day pass costs 150€, while three and four-day VIP passes are selling for 350€ and 400€ respectively.

Last year, Mad Cool Festival saw the likes of The CureThe NationalIggy PopThe 1975Vampire WeekendBon IverRobynSharon Van EttenYonakaThe Gossip and Lauryn Hill all performing at the event. 

It comes as The Killers prepare to return to the UK next summer for a huge stadium tour in Summer 2020. It follows the release of ‘Imploding The Mirage’ – their sixth album which is due for release next spring.

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