The musician features in the latest instalment of ‘Jughead’s Time Police’


Jenny Lewis will make a cameo in the latest issue of Jughead’s Time Police, an Archie Comics series that’s due out Wednesday (October 30).

Yesterday (October 28), Archie Comics revealed that Lewis will have a special appearance in the fifth issue of Jughead’s Time Police, the 90s Archie Comics title that was revived this summer. Lewis later confirmed it with a tweet thanking scriptwriter Sina Grace for including “one of my three epitaph choices” in her brief appearance. Check out a preview of her cameo in the comic below:

The new Jughead’s Time Police issue was written by Grace and features drawings by Derek Charm. Matt Herms and Jack Morelli are also credited as the comic’s colourist and letterer, respectively. In a statement to Rolling Stone, Archie Comics co-president Alex Segura called Lewis’ cameo a “fun” and “unexpected easter egg” for fans of the series.

“Archie’s always been about blending real-world music acts and our amazing characters, so when Sina mentioned he might be able to get Jenny Lewis to cameo in Jughead’s Time Police – well, we didn’t hesitate!” Segura said. 

“Not only am I a huge fan, it just made sense – and was fun! Which is kind of the point? I’m just jealous I didn’t get to do it myself. It makes for a fun, unexpected easter egg in an already bombastic and unpredictable series,” he added.

Lewis returned to music with ‘On The Line’, her first album in almost five years, earlier this year. The record received a glowing five-star review from NME‘s El Hunt, who called it the musician’s “greatest work to date, packed with searing lyrics and solid-gold melodies”.

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