The evil forces at work in George R.R. Martin’s new Nightflyers television series may not have anything to do with an undead ice king,

but that doesn’t mean they won’t be just as scary as Game of Thrones‘ famed White Walkers.

Judging by two new teasers for the forthcoming SYFY show—a 10-episode space horror series based on Martin’s 1980 novella of the same name—things are going to get dicey pretty quickly when the Nightflyer crew sets out to intercept a shadowy and ancient alien being known as the volcryn.

Here’s SYFY’s official synopsis for the new thriller:

In 2093, in hopes of making contact with a mysterious alien life at the edge of our solar system, a group of maverick scientists and a powerful telepath embark on an expedition aboard The Nightflyer. As they race towards first contact, terrifying and violent events begin to occur, causing the once tight-knit crew to mistrust each other. It’s not long before their main mission becomes survival.

The series stars Gretchen Mol as Dr. Agatha Matheson, Eoin Macken as Karl D’Branin, Maya Eshet as Lommie, Sam Strike as Thale and Jodie Turner-Smith as Melantha Jhirl with Jeff Buhler serving as showrunner.

Nightflyers will premiere in the U.S. on SYFY in Fall 2018. It will premiere internationally on Netflix at a later date.

Watch both teasers below.

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