Three new Dunkirk snippets emerge, giving a thrilling insight into Christopher Nolan’s WWII epic.

Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s forthcoming WWII survival spectacular, promises to take a fresh slant on the most cinematically recreated conflict in history. Or rather, three slants – action follows a trio of storylines based on the land army being evacuated from the beaches, the flotilla of boats coming to save them and the air force pilots protecting the whole manoeuvre from above. Unless anyone was tunnelling to France at the time, the result looks to be one of the most comprehensive portrayals of a wartime event yet put to film. Now, to help us envisage how the movie will work, three teaser trailers have emerged, one set on land, on in the air and one on water. 


Dunkirk: Trapped


The oceanic clip, entitled Trapped, features soldiers being ushered into the holds of rescue ships, only to be hit and sunk just as they could smell safety.



Dunkirk: Surrounded


The second clip, called Surrounded, shifts focus to the fleeing troops hiding in the coastal towns under Nazi gunfire – one finds his rifle jamming as the enemy closes in…



Dunkirk: Hunted


The final teaser also teeters on the edge of tragedy as a plucky British pilot is hit by an enemy plane and plunges towards the ocean.




Dunkirk opens on July 21; read more about Dunkirk on our blog about its release date, cast, plot and trailers.

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