SoCal alt-rockers jam on a rooftop in new clip.

Whether it’s under the bright lights of a packed music venue, or the strung up lights of the rooftop set of their latest video, Southern California based alt-rock band Mount Holly are bringing real rock n roll to the forefront.

Their new single is titled “Get Up,” and watching the video, which was filmed on a rooftop as a single continuous shot, it’s impossible not to catch the vibe.

Myspace has the exclusive premiere of the video for “Get Up,” and we’re pretty sure that after clicking play, much like the song’s title, you’ll “Get Up” out of your seat to rock out to Mount Holly.

Wanting to know more about the song, and the band, we caught up with Mount Holly guitarist Nick Perri – who happens to also be a founding member of Silvertide, has played with Shinedown, Perry Farrell, and Matt Sorum, and is the brother of “Jar of Hearts” singer Christina Perri – to get all the info.

Tell us about “Get Up.” What inspired the song, and why is it the perfect song to be the lead single for your upcoming debut album?

Sometimes you just sit down and write whatever comes to mind, but with this track we consciously wanted to come up with something really energetic and fun. We felt like it was a great introduction to what we do as a band.

How’d you come up with the concept for the video? I’m guessing you didn’t just walk up to your roof, see all those lights set up perfectly, and just say, “This works.”

That’s exactly it!

No, we wanted a performance video, something that captured the energy and chemistry of the four of us. The director suggested a single continuous shot, which excited us, and we felt it would give the viewer the vantage point of being on stage with the band.

Is the Mount Holly live experience anything like the vibe you create on that rooftop?

I would say yes, and more.

At a live show you get 10+ songs, and plenty of volume and sweat.

When we play live we really embrace the spontaneity of the moment. It’s a release, and it’s freeing for us, and hopefully for the audience, too.

Hopefully this video gives people a little taste of that experience.

What kind of insider info can you give us on the album? When is it due out, and what else can listeners expect from it?

We are finalizing our touring plans for the rest of the year, and as soon as we have that plan laid out the album release date will be firmed up, as well.

People can expect a pretty adventurous album. It’s an alternative rock album, but there is quite a range, and a wide spectrum. We all have overlapping influences, and we all have unique musical tastes of our own, as well. Where we meet in the middle is really the sound of Mount Holly. We think it’s a sound people will find fresh.

Finally, “Get Up” is the theme song of the NHL playoffs. Do you have a team you’re pulling for, or any predictions?

We are just honored to have our music be a part of the playoffs. We don’t want to take sides necessarily, but since the band is based in SoCal … go Ducks!


Watch more exclusive videos by visiting our Premiere page.

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