Because the WWE Universe isn't going to save itself!

This Friday, the first big comic book movie of the summer hits theaters with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Not only did the 2014 original make Chris Pratt a superstar and flood the market with Groot merchandise, but it also showed Marvel’s golden touch of taking a group of C-level, no-name characters and building a franchise around them.

Vince McMahon may have power, but it’s nowhere near the level of what Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige wields. Just imagine what Feige would be capable of if he ran WWE? Fans would cheer for Roman Reigns; Bray Wyatt would have a winning streak; WWE women would have multiple storylines and pay per views would actually have thought-out storylines with a resolution.

Until Disney decides to buy WWE, that Kevin Feige takeover will just have to be a fantasy. As fans get ready for another space adventure with everyone’s favorite reformed pirates, WWE has a collection of strange and loud personalities that could rival the Guardians. Odds are that Vince and his “writers” may have their own bootleg version ready to use for a weird RAW segment.  To save him the trouble, we’ve built our own Guardians team using WWE stars. 

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