Larry David returns, embodying every petty grievance you've ever felt, ever.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is back. At long last. Fans of the HBO comedy show have been waiting a full six years for this, the latest series. And I have bad news for you. You’re going to need to wait a little longer. There is currently scant information about the show. But it is coming. This much we know.

For the uninitiated Curb Your Enthusiasm (often shortened just to Curb) is created, written and directed by the star himself, Larry David. In it he offers a semi-fictionalized version of himself, the semi-retired, sitting on his piles of cash, co-creator of the outstandingly successful ‘90s TV show Seinfeld. The show follows Larry around in his day-to-day life as he makes social faux pas after faux pas, angering everyone along the way.  Each episode of the show is basically one 30 minute long cringe-fest.

The show is renowned for its improvized style. Each episode is planned by Larry, with the key plot and subplots sketched out. From there the actors are free to improvize their way through a scene, resulting in general hilarity.


Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9

Larry David returns after a six year hiatus with this the 9th season of the show. Season 8 aired in 2011 and David took 6 years off before planning to return in 2017. There's no fixed release date just yet. But HBO seem confident that release will be in late 2017. Watch this space.

Unfortunately there are no official trailer of which to speak just yet, so we will leave you with this, the trailer to Season 8 to remember where it was left off:

In terms of build up trailers for the new series there really isn’t much to go. What we do have is this. The below tweet was sent by Richard Lewis, a comedian who plays a version of himself in the show:

 It reveals that Curb had wrapped filming. Richard had tweeted this just a month previously:

 This suggests that his role is just recurring rather than as a main character.

HBO tweeted a short video with character Leon Black (played by J.B. Smoove) in November 2016, showing him at Larry’s trailer door: 

Larry of course acts in typical Larry fashion.


Who’s In The Curb Your Enthusiasm Cast?

Larry David

What would the show be without its creative force, creator and star? There’s a little Larry David in all of us. While everything he does is overblown and his reactions to everyday slights ridiculous you can’t help but see where he’s coming from. If Seinfeld was a show about nothing, then this is a show about annoyances.

Richard Lewis

Richard will be in the show. He plays himself, Larry’s good friend, with whom he shares a volatile relationship. This is based on their real life relationship, they first met at the age of 12 at a sports camp where they did not get along and were massive rivals.

Jeff Greene

Jeff Greene is played by Jeff Garlin. He is Larry’s manager and is a bit of a buffoon. He acts as Larry’s mirror, lending a sympathetic ear and often working Larry up to act in a particular way in a given situation.

Susie Greene

Susie Greene is Jeff’s wife. She is played by Susie Essman and is one of Larry’s main adversaries. She is famed for her foul-mouthed tirades against Larry and Jeff’s antics. Her preferred insult for Larry is, “You four-eyed fuck”, while Jeff is regularly referred to as, “You fat piece of shit.” Watch some of her best tirades below:

Cheryl David

Cheryl plays Larry’s (ex-)wife. Played by Cheryl Hines she was an absolute unknown before being cast as Larry’s wife. She has been compared many times to Larry’s real life ex-wife Laurie David (née Lennard) but both Cheryl and Larry insist that this role is in no way based on Laurie. Comparisons were further fuelled when Larry’s real life divorce was mirrored on screen.

Leon Black

Leon Black is played by comedian J. B. Smoove. His role in the show started in season 6 when Cheryl hosted a family who were victims of the fictional Hurricane Edna. Leon moves in with the family, even though he had been living in LA previously and had been unaffected by the natural disaster. After the family moves out he stays on and he and Larry become close. Leon helps Larry out in many of his misadventures.

Ted Danson

Ted Danson plays a fictionalized version of himself. He often appears with his wife Mary Steenburgen, she too is a fictionalized version of herself. The pair are married in real life. Danson is famous for his role in Cheers!. Larry often mocks Ted behind his back.


Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme

The theme song for the show is an absolute earworm. Once lodged in your mind, it’s near impossible to get out. The piece of music is composed by Italian Luciano Michelini and is called ‘Frolic’. Listen to it below, but don’t say we didn’t warn you…


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