From classic party jams, to a few songs whose popularity, in retrospect, may make you cringe, this was the ‘00s.

The first decade of this millennium was nearly impossible to define musically. No one genre dominated the airwaves, and with the prevalence of the single, we had a plethora of artists who were here today, gone tomorrow.

This lack of a musical identity led to a collection of party songs rocketing to the top of the chart. When in doubt, have a good time, right?

The majority of this list of the 17 songs that spent the most time at #1 in the ‘00s could still spark a good time if they were put on today. A few, however, might clear the dance floor, and produce a loud groan from anyone within hearing distance.

One act took over the top spot for half a year. Who was it? Click through to find out.

50 Cent – In Da Club

Weeks at #1:

Year: 2003

When 50 dropped this one it was a wrap. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing “In Da Club,” and because of this, Fiddy had the music world in the palm of his hands.

It’s no coincidence Jay Z had one of his “retirements” in 2003. Seeing the writing on the wall that 50 Cent now ruled both New York, and hip-hop, Jay decided to play it safe rather than take on the monster that was Fiddy.

Beyonce w/ Sean Paul – Baby Boy

Weeks at #1: 9

Year: 2003

This was on a Beyonce album, hence Beyonce getting top billing in the credits, but it really seems more like a Sean Paul song with Beyonce guesting on it. You know what, we’d have been down for a whole album of collabs like this one.

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  1. bradludwick
    Brad Ludwick "we belong together" actually spent 14 non-consecutive weeks at #1 (not 10 weeks as reported in this article), giving mariah the honor of having the #1 single of the decade two consecutive times! "one sweet day" took the honor in the '90s.
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