Wonder Woman is the latest DC Extended Universe film to be released. Get the lowdown on its release here.

Wonder Woman is a member of the DC Extended Universe. In the current iteration of the universe, Wonder Woman is played by Gal Gadot. Wonder Woman is to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. This film is the second to feature Wonder Woman as played by Gadot.


Wonder Woman Movie

The Wonder Woman movie, set to be released in 2017, will be the fourth film to be set in the DC Extended Universe. The DC Extended Universe can be compared to the the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which film and TV shows have been set such as the upcoming feature film Spider-man: Homecoming and the Netflix series Marvel’s The Defenders. The other three films released in the DC Extended Universe are 2013’s Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (in which Gadot debuted her role as Wonder Woman) and Suicide Squad.


Watch the Wonder Woman Trailer

So far there are four trailers out for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer

The first trailer was release in July 2016. It was released at Comic-Con. Watch it below:

The trailer shows Wonder Woman, known in her younger years as Diana, nursing a washed up airman, Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) back to health and travelling with him to take part in the Great War. Fans of DC Comics will know this to mimic closely one of the many origin stories written for Wonder Woman since her inception in 1940. The trailer also strongly hints at the mythological origins of Diana aka Wonder Woman, being brought to life by Zeus. The action then moves swiftly into WWI with Wonder Woman kicking vast swathes of trench-based ass.

Wonder Woman Official Trailer

This second trailer opens with Wonder Woman walking amongst modern day Paris’ Louvre pyramid. The trailer continues with 21st Century Wonder Woman looking at a picture of her time in the Great War, saying “I used to want to save the world… but the closer you get the more you see the great darkness within.” The war seems to be fought far closer to home than any of the Amazonians (the race of people from which Wonder Woman comes) would have hoped. The trailer gets going with a set piece battle pitched on the beach of Themyscira, the Amazonian island paradise. Much like the Comic-Con trailer, the main thrust of the trailer is Wonder Woman laying down the smack on a multitude of early 20th Century soldiers.

The main point of interest for this trailer is how much of the story will be set in the modern day? We only get a glimpse of modern Paris, given away by the 1980s-built Louvre pyramid and the decidedly modern computer mouse seen on the desk.


Wonder Woman Official Origin Trailer

This trailer is probably the most revealing for long time fans of the DC Extended Universe. It sheds light on how this cinematic entry into the DC lexicon will frame Wonder Woman. From the off it places her existence squarely in the mythical, claiming the Gods have a very involved hand in the life of the Amazonians.

Her mentor, Antiope is played by Robin Wright from Netflix’s House of Cards. Antiope is determined to keep young Diana in the dark about her destiny and power, opting to train her ten times harder than any Amazonian before her.

Her mentor demands that she never “know the truth about what she is.” But this seems tricky as her superpowers begin shining through. This trailer sees Wonder Woman arm herself with her characteristic lasso and broad sword. She is then taken to stinking, smoggy, grey London, a slight change from her island paradise.


Wonder Woman Rise of The Warrior Trailer

The trailer has the obligatory soldier ass kicking. But mainly it sheds light on how Diana becomes the warrior that she is. The trailer begins with young Diana being tucked into bed and told, “Fighting does not make you a hero,” by Antiope. Antiope goes on to tell her that humanity, “does not deserve you.”

The trailer then goes on to show Diana battering her way through a variety of Great War battles, so much for not fighting. Bedecked in her Wonder Woman get up, she takes on mechanised weaponry and brute force of the German Empire with just her sword, lasso and round shield.


When is the Wonder Woman Release Date?

The Wonder Woman film is set for a US release date of June 2 2017. This date will be slightly later for the British market, with a release date of June 23 2017.


Who is the Wonder Woman Actress?

Wonder Woman is played by Gal Gadot. She is an Israeli former model and actress. She’s the daughter of two Israeli-born parents. Her heritage can be traced to Poland, Austria, Germany and Czechoslovakia. As with basically all European jews her family was directly affected by the Holocaust with her maternal grandparents having survived persecution. She was born in 1985 and grew up in the Israeli town of Rosh HaAyin.

At age 18 she entered, and subsequently won the 2004 Miss Israel competition. She was accordingly entered into 2004’s Miss Universe. At the age of 20 she carried out her obligatory military service as part of the Israeli Defence Force.

For her role as Wonder Woman it is said she took lessons in capoeira, jiu-jitsu, Kung Fu kickboxing and swordsmanship to offer a convincing take on her role as Wonder Woman.

Catch Wonder Woman in your local movie theater from June 2 (US) or June 23 (UK)

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