Tim McGraw is country royalty. Catch him on tour in 2017.

Tim McGraw is one of the biggest country stars of the past 25 years. You don’t have to be a fan of country to have heard of Tim. He is a crossover star and multi-award winning musician. He has also dabbled in acting as well, with roles in The Blind Side, Friday Night Lights and Tomorrowland.

His career is well into its third decade, with his first single released in 1991. That single, What Room Was The Holiday In, was described as terrible by John Hart, a booking agent for the WXTU (now known as XTU) radio station in Philadelphia. Humble beginnings for a man who has now shifted over 40 million records.

For those of you who love a good crossover, Tim McGraw famously sung one of Luke Bryan’s songs backstage. Watch it here.


What are the biggest Tim McGraw songs?

Tim McGraw - Humble and Kind

This song was released in January 2016. It implores the listeners to be nicer to each other, something that is perhaps getting forgotten in the current political climate. It requests people remember to say their pleases and thank yous and most importantly remain humble. The global setting of the music video, with imagery provided by Oprah Winfrey, is an obvious rejection of the inward turning of the US, and other countries. The song peaked the country charts, and came in at 30th in the Billboard Hot 100. 

Tim McGraw - My Little Girl

My Little Girl was released as the single for the film, Flicka, in which Tim has a leading role. Co-written by Tim, the song is no doubt aimed towards his three daughters who would have been nine, seven and five on its 2006 release.

Tim McGraw - My Best Friend

My Best Friend is a song performed by Tim McGraw, but written by Aimee Mayo and Bill Luther. It reached the top of the country chart in the year of its release, 1999. The song discusses the relationship he shares with a female lover, in particular how it transcends the usual lover relationship to being that of best friends. Being released three years after his marriage to Faith Hill (making them the ultimate country power couple) it would be easy to suggest the song is speaking of their relationship.

Tim McGraw - Don’t Take The Girl

This song is set over three different stages of the relationship between a boy and a girl. The first is when they’re kids and the son implores his dad to take any of his guy buddies and implores his dad please, please don’t take the girl. The second scene is 10 years later, the two are now in a relationship. A stranger holds the girl up and demands the couple’s valuables. The boy hands over his and implores the stranger, please, please don’t take the girl. The final scene is in a hospital and the girl has just given birth to a baby boy, but due to complications could die, the boy sinks to his knees, prays to God, asks Him to take him instead and implores God please, please don’t take the girl. She survives.

Tim McGraw - It’s Your Love

This song was released in 1997. Performed by McGraw, it is written by Stephony Smith, the song features his wife Faith Hill. The song is notable as it is Hill’s and McGraw’s first top 10 hit together, it peaked at number 7.


Is Tim McGraw Going On Tour?

Tim McGraw is currently on tour with his wife, Faith Hill. Their Soul2Soul is touring the US. Starting on April 7 in New Orleans the tour will continue until October 27 where it will close in Brooklyn, NY. You can book tickets and find out more info here.


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