Sense8 is the Wachowskis’ latest venture, airing as a Netflix Original, catch season 2 now.

Since its launch as a Netflix Original in June 2015, Sense8 has divided opinion. Some hated it. Some loved it. Some both loved and hated it. If you’re reading this then you likely fall into one of the latter two categories. Brought to Netflix by the directorial double act, sibling team the Wachowskis, it’s no surprise that it has divided opinion. The ambitious narrative means many love it, others are left asking “What’s going on in Sense8?”

Whatever your opinions on the show, it’s confounded viewers. Many of whom are eagerly anticipating its second series.


When is Sense8 Season 2 Out?

Sense8’s second season came out on May 5 2017. It was released in bulk as a Netflix Original. Considering the first season came out in 2015, that’s a long wait for fans of the show; all they’ve had in the meantime is a Christmas Special, titled Happy Fucking New Year.

The new season is made up of 10 episodes. Watch the trailer for season 2 below:



Who is In The Sense8 Cast?

The show’s cast is as large as its ambitions. Set across 16 locations in five continents around the world, the show aims to create organic and realistic settings. As such they try to use local actors and film in location where possible. 

This leads to a large and disparate cast. But the main eight sensates, or psychics, are:

Capheus ‘Van Damme’ Onyango

Capheus is played by Toby Onwumere

Capheus is a matatu (a type of privately owned minibus) driver in Nairobi, Kenya who is obsessed with all things Van Damme related. He is driven by the need to save money to buy AIDS medicine for his mother. He was played by Aml Ameen throughout the course of season one but was replaced by Toby Onwumere for the Christmas special and season two. Speculation is rife on why Ameen left, but the agreed line seems to be artistic differences with the directing duo the Wachowskis (The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, V For Vendetta).

 Sun Bak

Sun Bak is played by Doona Bae

Sun is the daughter of a successful south Korean businessman. A star in the underground kickboxing world, she is driven by her desire to step out of the shadow of her father and brother in a male dominated society. She is played by Doona Bae, a Seoul-born actress. She has previous experience working with the Wachowskis, she played a variety of roles in 2012’s critically divisive film, Cloud Atlas.

Nomi Marks

Nomi Marks is played by Jamie Clayton

Nomi is a trans woman and political activist based in San Francisco. Born to wealthy upper middle class parents, she was expected to grow up to be a manly man. The initial rejection she felt from her family due to her sexuality defines her character. Played by trans female actor Jamie Clayton this is a case of art imitating real life. Clayton is a bit of an unknown with her role as Nomi by far her largest to date.

 Kala Dandekar

Kala Dandekar is played by Tina Desai

 Pharmacist and devout Hindu, Kala works at a Mumbai-based successful pharmaceutical company. She struggles with her relationship with her fiancé, to whom she is unsure whether she would truly like to marry. She is played by Bangalore-born actor Tina Desai, whose only previous English language experience was in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Riley Blue

Riley Blue is played by Tuppence Middleton

 Riley is an Icelandic DJ who struggles with a grief-stricken former life that [SEASON 1 SPOILER ALERT] saw both her newborn daughter and husband die in a car crash while driving her, in labor, to hospital. [SPOILER OVER] As a result she moved to London, became a DJ and has immersed herself in the city’s drug-addled underworld. Riley is played by Brit Tuppence Middleton (no royal relation) who has a strong heritage in British television series, most notably the BBC adaptation War & Peace, where she played Helene Kuragina.

 Wolfgang Bogdanow

Wolfgang Bogdanow is played by Max Riemelt

Wolfgang (on the right in the image above) is a Berlin-based thief and safecracker of Russian descent. The series starts with Wolfgang attending the funeral of his grandfather, but it is the death of his father that truly shapes his character. It is suggested that his father’s demise is a result of Wolfgang’s actions. Max Riemelt portrays Wolfgang. Of East German heritage Riemelt was born when Germany was still a divided city. He has a long list of acting credits in his native Germany with Sense8 being his largest English speaking role to date.

 Lito Rodriguez

Lito Rodriquez is played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre

Lito is a successful movie actor in Mexico. Living in Mexico City, he struggles with his closeted homosexuality and the dual life his macho image forces him to lead. Actor Miguel Ángel Silvestre portrays Lito. Having starred in Spanish language TV and film in the past, Sense8 was his big crossover, he has now secured a role in another Netflix Original, Narcos. 

Will Gorski

Will Gorski is played by Brian J. Smith

Chicago-based police officer, Will struggles with the psychic connection he shared at a young age, with the victim of a murder his policeman father was assigned to. This has flavored the police officer he has become. Will is played by actor Brian J. Smith, whose credits run on shows such as Law & Order and Stargate Universe.


What Happened in The Sense8 Christmas Special?

The 2-hour Sense8 Christmas special was released in December 2016. The episode is the absolute essence of the show, promoting a message of global love and cooperation, soundtracked to the Leonard Cohen song "Hallelujah," covered by Daniel Martin Moore, who does an admirable and gospel-backed impression of Jeff Buckley.

This may sound a bit junky, and it probably is. But in its own way Sense8 pulls it off, so earnest is its attempts at bringing cheer.

Watch the trailer.

The Christmas special will bring you up to speed with the gang before you properly tuck into season 2.

Sense8 Season 2 is out now. Catch it on Netflix.


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