The Los Angeles power pop band explore friends they've lost over the years with the new track.

Things tend to change as we get older. And sometimes the people we were once glued to are no longer as close as they used to be. Punch Punch Kick explore those moments with their new song "Bad Dream." 

"When I wrote 'Bad Dream,' I was thinking about how far away some people drift from you as you get older. It's an empty feeling," singer/guitarist Phil McDonald tells Myspace, "and it sometimes feels like it'd be easier to hit the snooze button than having to get up and deal with it."

The singer and guitarist wasn't only looking back on personal experiences, but it seems the LA outfit also drew some inspiration from an iconic rock band.

"Going back and listening now," he says, "I think we channeled a little bit of Aerosmith's spirit— that chord change into the bridge seems like something Steven Tyler would've gone for."

McDonald continues, "There's a background vocal during the bridge that starts on a high note and walks down several steps. It was in the original demo, and when we were recording the song in the studio, we didn't initially include it. Ryan [Malloy] had dropped in to Linus [of Hollywood]'s studio the day we were tracking vocals, and right before we called it a wrap, he reminded us about that part. We made a point to go back and record it, and it's in the final mix. I'm glad Ryan was there that day — it's one of my favorite parts of the song."

On top of the new single, Punch Punch Kick also announces their new self-titled album, which is set to release on May 26 via Lolipop Records.

Listen to the song below.


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